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    While trying to find out why my laptop has recently become noticably slower to start up, I stumbled across the file i2api_debug in the top directory of the c: drive.  The file was huge, over 90M and growing.  A snip of the contents are as follows:
    Time:20.10:13:11-- GetLogicalBlockInformation start
    Time:20.10:13:11-- GetLogicalBlockInformation end
    Time:20.10:13:11-- call  GetLogicalDriveInfo in UpdateNapaInfos start
    Time:20.10:13:11-- call  GetLogicalDriveInfo in UpdateNapaInfos end
    Time:20.10:13:11-- UpdateNapaInfos end
    Time:20.10:13:14-- UpdateNapaInfos start
    Time:20.10:13:14-- GetPhysicalDriveInformation start
    Time:20.10:13:14-- GetPhysicalDriveInformation end
    Time:20.10:13:14-- GetLogicalBlockInformation start
    Its the same entries, with different time stamps, over and over again.  The first entry corresponds to the day I placed the order with Dell, so this is something from the factory.  What is writing to this file, and how do I take it out of "debug" mode?  Thanks in advance!
    Model:  Dell 1721 Laptop
    OS:      Vista Home Premium
  • "top directory of the c: drive"
    You mean the root of C?  or in a folder on C?, folder name?
    Google returns nothing on this log file name.
    i2api  did return some hits
    It does look related to a hard drive controller.
    Look in device manager, expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI, then do a properties on the first channel, go to the Advanced Settings Tab, what mode is the ATA Disk in?
  • Thanks for your reply! The file is in the root directory, i.e. C:\i2api_debug.log. My hunch is that the file is related to the ATIWebPAM service, but not sure how to verify that or turn it off. This is my first exposure to that service. I can check the device manager settings this evening. Thanks again!
  • WebPAm is actually a product of Promise Technology, ATI must be using a Promise chip.
  • Having the same issue but a 725MB file and is updating by the second. Same machine and OS.
    Any idea of what is this or how to urn it off?
    Thanks in advance

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  • I have the same computer and OS - I think it's a virus. It's a file on my C: drive. Last night it froze up my computer, locked up my mouse and scanned my computer for over an hour before I could get to my files that I needed for work today.
    I can't remove or delete it - my virus scan does not notice it - and when I try to restore my laptop to a previous date, there are no previous dates available to restore it to.
    FYI - if you're at work like me - when I just searched through google, the only other link available about i2api_debug.log brought up porn.
    If anyone finds out how to remove this virus, please post!
  • hey everyone. I just installed my new notebook only today and yet this file contains about 200 entries. I only just recently connected to the internet, and as said before I have logs dating from the day before it left the factory. i don't think I have caught myself any virus by now. I'd really like to know what that file is anyway, so keep posting. thanks, Celia
  • Someone explained to me that it's a log file for a driver of the HD Controller, or something similar.
    On my computer it was set to some sort of 'debug' mode which seemed like a virus when it was debugging -  if it happens again I will call Dell for them to troubleshoot.
  • I found the same file, only mine was over 500Meg. I ran into the same problems while searching. I was able to delete it but it was restarted with a new entry every few seconds. No luck yet but by changing the properties to read only, it seems to have stopped building. It would be nice to know what is creating it.

  • I had the same issue, I was able to change the setting to Read-only, delete the file and then after it recreated the file I was able to change the newly created file to read only.  I have been watching and it has been 3 KB for awhile now.
  • I now have this same problem.  Did anyone find a solution?

    For now, I set c:\i2api_debug.log to read-only which stops it from growing.  But I would like to find out what is writing to it and stop it.

  • Hello,

    I did not find a solution, but using the process monitor you can see that most of the time it's ATI WebPAM (a Java process) logging to this file. Explorer also logs to this file. So I think it's some sort of device driver doing the logging. Disabling ATI WebPAM should help a lot, but does not remove the problem.

    Regards, Hans van Straten