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Dell Support Center 3 and 3.4 errors installing

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Dell Support Center 3 and 3.4 errors installing

  • Hi,
    We have a '05 Dell 8400, P-IV "Prescott" 550 @ 3.4 GHz w/ HyperThread & a 800 MHz FSB w/ 1 MB cache, 1.5 GB’s DDR2 PC2-3200 240 Pin @ 400 MHz, MMB - Intel 925X chip set, 128MB PCI Express ATI Radeon X300SE, Phillips 16x DVD +\- RW w/dbl layer write & CD RW combo that dumped out without a single recorded CD/DVD (out of warrantee of course), Phillips 16x DVD ROM, XP Pro Media Edition, WD 250 GB EIDE SATA 7200 RPM HHD, 3 COM 56K conn. @ 46K +/- in the COUNTRY.
    OK, my original version of Dell Support 6.0.3062 popped up and said I needed a newer sweeter version of Dell Support Center 3.0. So, I download this 3 MB file named "R157977.EXE" and upon running the install I get this error message:
    Windows Installer
    "The installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify this is a valid Windows Installer package".  The install stalls DOA.
    You've got to be kidding? A Dell recommended install package? OH NO!
    A trip to The Dell Support and I get the message that I really didn't need version 3.0, but, the 3.4 version.
    A 7 MB download later upon running this file "dell_support_center.msi" I get the following error:
    DellSupport Installer Information
    Error 1316. A network error occured while attempting to read from the file "C:\dell\drivers\R157977\DellSupport_01.msi". The install stalls DOA again.
    I'm afraid on reboot, the original version of Dell Support 6.0.3062 will un-install as my system tray icon is now missing. The application still appears in my system's softwares list for now. If the installer didn't leave a uninstall tag in the registry, we'll be ok. How do I tell?
    From what I'm reading here in this thread, it looks like this is a wide issue with specific system fixes.
    I didn't find an exact read that fit my particular issue exactly.
    What now?
    <>< JLS
  • I have a Dell Latitude D510, 1.73 GHz Pentium M processor, 1 GB RAM, WinXP Pro.

    I also have been unable to install Dell Support 3.4 I downloaded the 7 MB R157977.exe file, but when extracting I get the bogus message, "this self extracting zip file is part of a multi disk zip file. Please insert the last disk of the set." --??When I click OK I get, "An error occurred while unzipping. One or more files were not successfully unzipped. The error code is 110."

    When I try to "Run" the file I get, "Invalid self-extractor configuration. This file may be corrupted."

    The folder, C:\dell\drivers\R157977, was created, but it's empty.

    Any ideas?

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  • Got your PM - I'll try downloading it and see if I get the same thing.  Though to be honest, I removed  Dell Support (both the 3.xx and the 2.0 version) a while ago (as did many other people here) - there's nothing it can do that you can't do yourself.  But hey, whatever floats your boat :) .
    What I'm not sure of is why both 3.4 and 2.0 are still being offered - my impression was that 2.0 was intended to be a replacement, and the 3.xx versions were being discontinued, but it's just that, an impression, I don't know for sure....
    PS:  Inherited a Bug from my aunt while I was in college - it was great until the engine caught fire :smileysurprised:

    'Tis a poor carpenter that blames his tools.

  • Same version (R157977) downloaded and installed no problem - but is now popping up telling me to upgrade to 2.0, which is what I suspected.   And it's really getting on my nerves tellng me I need to do a PC tuneup.  And no, I do NOT want to do a BIOS update - my PC ain't broke, so I ain't gonna fix it. 
    Add/Remove, here I come ;) .
    As for why the install is acting up for you guys - my best guess would be the existing installation is interfering with the new one.  Try using add/remove to uninstall whatever existing versions there are for Dell Support Center, then try the download and install again. 

    'Tis a poor carpenter that blames his tools.

  • Thanks Alex.

    Yah, 2.0 is a bigger application and has some diagnostics. Maybe I'll try that. I was casting about for a utility that would give me some clues as to why I can't access XP's Help and Support anymore after downloading a bunch of Update patches, even though the service is still enabled. Maybe a registry fixer would be a better bet. Any suggestions? Uniblue's Registry Booster?

    I was going to dial back my system using System Restore, but, blindly following Trend Micro's advice that I needed to disable SR in order to do a thorough v-scan, I lost all my restore points. I was in a hurry and hit "OK" before reading the warning message. I had one of those instant OOPS moments realizing my finger had acted before consulting with my brain.
  • OH.  Nope, seriously doubt Dell support center will help you with that at all.  And as far as registry repair tools go, I wouldn't go near any of them - I can mess up my registry quite well all by myself, thank you very much.
    Found some stuff for another poster a while back for this  - try here:

    'Tis a poor carpenter that blames his tools.