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Inspiron 1521 running XP Pro---FINALLY

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Inspiron 1521 running XP Pro---FINALLY

  • I want to thank everyone on the forums who helped me get my Inspiron 1521 running with XP.  I went online with Dell Support for Vista help, but honestly they can only do as much as they are trained to do.  Twice, each time with a different representative and having tried other things, they suggested that I use the PC Restore to return my notebook to its factory settings.  I decided to search Google, and it led me back to Dell---forums.  I couldn't believe how many other people were in my same situation of wanting to return to XP.
    Here's a somewhat brief series of events regarding my notebook:
    • Bought notebook in August 2007 with Vista Basic already installed.
    • Liked Vista at first glance, then tried to use it.  Lots of incompatibility issues, so I decided to install XP Pro from scratch.
    • Installed XP Pro (I can now do this in my sleep because I also have a Dimension 4550), except that Dell only had a handful of XP drivers for my notebook model.
    • Decided to go back to Vista.  Installed Vista from scratch.
    • Vista worked fine, until I tried to install some programs.  It took 2 hours to install Roxio Creator 9 DE and 45 minutes for MS Works 8.5; both came with the notebook.  It took so long not because of errors, because it was just SLOW.  Also, after using Vista for a while, everything was slow with just about any task.
    • Finally decided to go back to XP Pro, even if it meant that some drivers were not available.  Much to my surprise, noticed that Dell had realized that it needed to provide more XP drivers and now has them available---for ALMOST everything.
    • Installed drivers, utilities, etc. from Dell.  Some I got from other notebook models, but they work for my Inspiron 1521.
    • Also went to for an AMD Turion Driver.

    I now have an Inspiron 1521 with XP Pro running much quicker that with Vista.  Also, no compatibility issues!

  • same here except im at the point where im bout to go back to xp pro since vista is really SLOW. i dont know why its slow if you reinstall vista from scratch(maybe there was soem special utility or driver in factory vista?) anyways im posting from slwo vista and im getting to th epoint to go back to xp except i have a dell vostro 1500 not inspiron 1521. im wondering though why vista is slow if you install from scratch with latets divers.
  • Anybody?,
    I also loaded XP on an Inspiron 1721.  Found most of the drivers on the Dell site with the help of this and other web sites.  However, I still have three devices for which I cannot find drivers.
    PC bus 3 Device 1 Function 2, 3 and 4.  Does anybody know what theses things are and where the deivce drivers are for them?
  • I found out that one reason Vista is slow is that it uses a lot of memory for its graphics---more than XP.
    When I had Vista installed, I turned off the Vista Standard appearance under Display properties, which helped a little, but ONLY a little.
  • Not sure, but try looking to see if your sound is installed correctly.  I found a PCI Bus Device with a question mark and it turned out to be my sound driver.
    I installed SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio.  Just do a search for R134779.EXE at the Dell Website.
    Good luck.
  • Jerry,
    I already had a good install of the audio device.  Any more ideas?
  • Let's see...
    Since you've already installed SigmaTel Audio Driver, check if these are installed:
    Under Device Manager:
    • Display adapters; (possibly ATI)
    • IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers; Ricoh Drivers for memory card reader
    • Imaging devices; Laptop Integrated Webcam
    • Mice and other pointing devices; Synaptics
    • Modems; Conexant V.92 modem
    • Network Adapters; Broadcom 10/100 Integrated Controller and/or
      Wireless 5510 Vodaphone or Cingular (if you have the hardware)
      Dell 1390/1490/1505 WLAN card
      Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module
      Wireless 400 USB Minicard

    Some of these may not pertain to you.  It depends on what you ordered for your Inspiron 1721.


  • Hi Friends,

    my 2 Inspirons 1521 are also running fine with XP Pro, only function+F1 (standy) and function+F3 (accu status) are not running (the other function keys do). And the "home button" above left beside the power-on button is also without function.

    Has anyone solved this ?
    Thanks !

    Message Edited by woebking on 12-05-2007 01:37 AM
  • Hey,
    My Insprion 1721 is in a simlar state with the Fn1 Fn2 buttons.  The Home button starts Dell MediaDirect which is located on a separate CD in the Package.  There is a little magic here.  Although the installation procedure doesn't specifically say it I believe that a small disk parition is allocated to this function.  This install is in two parts.  The first is before you install the OS and the second is a Windows Setup procedure after the OS is up and running.  I believe the House button is grabbed by the BIOS and loads a very simple Media Manager without loading WIndows XP or Vista.  When I installed XP i did not reallocate any partitions, so that when I had to reload the third time I was able to get MediaManger installed without issue.  Hope this helps.
  • So I think I'll abandon the media manager. ;-) Thanks JMc !
  • After going through this very similar process, I now have ALMOST all of the drivers need to run XP on my Inspiron 1521. However, I am missing one final driver, the BCMxxxx. I can add the exact numbers when I get home later, however, many searches found that this is broadcomm, pointing to the network adapter? Both my LAN and WLAN connections work properly, would this still be needed? Anyone know where to find the BCMxxxx driver? Thanks.
  • The Broadcom drivers for the Inspiron 1721 I used wereRR147798 and R150593.
  • BCM2045 is what you are talking about , and is the Bluetooth.....Search for Dell Bluetooth 355.
  • I very badly know English. Excuse !
    Whether you can give the simple instruction for installation XP on 1521
    Whether you can put drivers on:; or
    lеtitbit.nеt; or
    If the instruction will be idle time I shall translate {it} and I shall give the link:_
      Спасибо! yeho, Russia.