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Reinstallation of WindowsXP(Dell Inspiron B130)/Urgent Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reinstallation of WindowsXP(Dell Inspiron B130)/Urgent Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Today, I  just reinstalled WindowsXP on my inspiron B130. I did it to clear everything on my laptop for the upcoming school year. The problem is  that the option in the start menu saying: Connections(to connect to either wireless or local internet), is not there. My laptop has built in wireless.
    I called dell support and was told something about drivers. I don't know what that means.
    Basically, I'm just trying to restore my computer to all the orignal options it came with. Please help me. I don't have money to do anything drastic.
    During the installation it said some things could not be installed such as delpseud.inf and symmpi.sys
    Someone please help me get it to normal working order with everything. I want it to be cleared for the upcoming college semester.
    Thanks for any help

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  • Click here for Denny Denham web site


    Above web site includes this step-by-step guide, print it off if required  


    During Windows clean install you will also need to reinstall computer system drivers


    If you don’t have the computer Resource CD (Drivers & Utilities)

    Then download them from here

    Not all download drivers will be required

    Knowing you computer system build spec helps – where there is a choice of drivers

    Burn required downloaded drivers to a CD before attempting reinstall procedure


    Order of installing Dell system drivers (chiefly the Chipset driver) is very important


    Click here


    After windows & drivers are installed:


    Install Anti Virus & Firewall software before going online for Windows update downloads.


    Finally, if you have installed any additional software or hardware on your PC, you will need to reinstall them using the relevant application install Setup CDs



    In my opinion, this one is the easiest one to follow step by step.
  • Thank you both for the help. I was able to get everything working pretty much.
    The only thing now is the previous windows users accounts are still there if I go to the documents and settings folder. I can access all of them except for one. The account I orignially had. It keeps saying access denied whenever I try to view the documents and such. Is there a way to override that? I'd like to get rid of that account.
    Thanks again!
  • Hi again

    Lets take a step back, because it doesn’t sound like you did a clean install?


    Using Windows clean install (if done correctly, requires reinstalling drivers)

    This will restore computer (as the name suggests) to a clean condition


    The formatting part of Windows install process will wipe everything from hard drive

    That everything includes All software, drivers, data – the lot


    If it was supposed to be a clean install


    All I can think of is that you didn’t reboot from CD ROM drive device?


    Do not insert the Windows OS CD after computer boots to Windows

    Insert Windows OS CD before you reboot, as explained in above step-by-step guide


    Just be aware:

    Most modern Dell computers have a restore utility installed called:

    Dell PC Restore by Symantec, a.k.a. DSR (Dell System Restore) utility


    If your Inspiron B130 has the DSR utility & it hasn’t been damaged?

    Using DSR will restore your computer to out-of-box condition & it only takes 10 minutes


    Post back if you need further help/clarification


  • Please help ME!!  My laptop won't boot from the CD.  Is a function key that I can use?