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need XP drivers for new Inspiron 531

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need XP drivers for new Inspiron 531

  • Well, answering my own questions now:

    The AMD-Live update is needed.

    I found that you can go to the ASUS website, and get a chipset driver package for the GeForce 6150LE / nForce430 for WinXP x64. Here's the link but it doesn't work. Like all the others, it fails during the generation of the Windows installer right after copying all the files to your hard drive. However If you then manually install the driver for the "Unknown PCI Bridge", you MUST install the driver located within the "11.09" folder, inside the "MCP61" folder, inside the Ethernet folder, called nvefd64A.inf (be careful, because there is another .inf file with the same name but a lower-case "A"). This finally got my Network card recognized.

    To get the network Bus recognized, it was either when I ran a setup program inside the same Ethernet folder using a nForce 500 series chipset (only installing the SM bus driers), or it was the Microsoft HotFix WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB901105-v3-x64-ENU.exe

    The bottom line: I've got it working! I am using a separate Video card (ATI Radeon x550), so the driver for the onboard video was still showing a yellow "!" but after upgrading to WinXP x64 Service Pack 2, this went away.

    I am running 64-bit with a clean device manager.

    I hope this was worth it, I only want to run a JAVA program and need the full 4GB memory to be recognized.

  • First off, this is a great thread (wish I had read it before pulling my hair out on the drivers). 


    I am almost done installing however when I installed the nForce drivers the USB hubs seemed to have stopped working.  I am sure it is a corrupt driver some place but I need to know how I can go about removing the old driver, without a mouse or keyboard, and install the new ones.... :(


    I hope this does not mean a complete reinstall.



  • I installed: 185.85_desktop_winxp_64bit_english_whql.exe to get my ethernet-controller for Dell Inspiron 531S. Now I'm able to connect to the internet, but there's 1 problem: the screen-resolution is very low (low-resolution), and when I use the control panel to change the resolution to be atleast 800x600 or higher it still doesn't work (even after I restart my that PC.

    Please tell me what driver or what program I should use to fix that screen-resolution problem.