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Bluetooth radio will not enable in XP due to being turned off in Vista

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Bluetooth radio will not enable in XP due to being turned off in Vista

  • I experienced a rare problem and I thought I would put the solution on here for others to follow.  I am a software developer and I tried numerous solutions, but only one way works--and it's not pretty.
    If you have your bluetooth disabled when you uninstall Vista, then try to install another OS, such as XP, you cannot turn back on the Bluetooth radio (using Fn+F2 ).
    My particular Bluetooth radio is the WIDCOMM Bluetooth (2.0).
    Driver required (from Dell's website with driver downloads):
    Network driver -- Dell Wireless 355 Module (Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR)
    The driver that cannot install properly (extracted from a working version in Device Manager):
    + ComputerName
    --+ Bluetooth Radios
    ----+ Dell TrueMobile 355 Bluetooth + EDR (** this is the missing driver)
    Quick fixes that WON'T work:
    *Using JUST the driver part of the fix without installing the original VISTA OS that came with your DELL system.
    *Installing VISTA as a dual boot OS
    The ONLY thing that worked (after extensive conversations with Dell Support and probably 50 internet searches):
    1) Wipe your entire system clean -- yes, you have to reformat (see notes below before you do this) and the easiest way is to just wipe everything during Step 2 (below) using your VISTA disk.
    2) Using ONLY the VISTA disk provided by DELL with your system, reinstall VISTA (please note that any VISTA disk will not work, so use the one from DELL).
    3) Go to: -> My Account -> (login) -> "Go to the link labeled Drivers and Downloads" -> Make sure you have Vista as your OS for the drivers -> download your Bluetooth driver (make sure you know whether you have Bluetooth 2.0 or not).
    4) Click to install the patch you just downloaded -> ONLY unzip the drivers so that you have access to the files, but cancel the SETUP portion.
    5) Go into the unzipped files until you get into the Win32 directory.
    6) Run the file:  Inst.exe
    7) When it asks you to turn on your device via Fn+F2, just CANCEL and allow the install to finish.
    8) RESTART (this is a MUST)
    9) When VISTA finishes rebooting, go to the task bar to the new Bluetooth icon in your system tray.  Click on it and ENABLE.  Your Bluetooth radio should turn on and complete the installation of your radio drivers.
    10) You did it!!!
    Things to remember:
    Make sure your BIOS has Bluetooth ENABLED and that Fn+F2 will enable bluetooth (I believe these are separate options, both in the BIOS).
    Also, since you need to reformat and reinstall, backup your important files (don't forget your bookmarks).  When you reinstall the OS, remember to leave a couple gigs free for MediaDirect, if you plan on using it... or skip this step if you just plan on uninstalling after you fix your problem.
    Note to the less computer savvy people:
    Fn+F2 is NOT the Fn key + the F key + the 2 key.  Use the function key "F2" near the Esc (escape) key.

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  • Thanks for the info.
    What model Dell did you do this on?