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XPS 410 running Vista won't wake up from sleep mode

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XPS 410 running Vista won't wake up from sleep mode

  • Just got an XPS 410 last month (May, 2007).  It's running Vista (Home Premium).
    Thought I'd give Vista sleep mode a try (instead of just logging off and shutting down overnight).  System entered sleep mode OK, but would not wake up using keyboard, mouse, or any other device.
    Called Dell On Call.  XPS tech had me disable all entries in msconfig -> Startup tab.  This helped for short sleeps (say, 5 minutes), but not for longer sleeps (greater than 15 minutes).  Also, disabling all Startup items seemed like a lazy/sloppy/potentially troublesome workaround.  (Have searched and seen some possible fixes for similar problem involving power plan changes, and even a BIOS update).
    I view sleep mode as one of Vista's central functions, not a "nice to have."  Would like to get it fixed.  Will call Dell On Call back to give them new problem status, but just wondering have many community members have experienced similar problem.
    Also, a related question: in sleep mode, will Vista check for Windows updates in the middle of the night if that's what's set up in the task scheduler?  I guess what I'm getting at here is: Just how should a home user prepare a Vista box for the overnight?  Sleep?  Or just log off?
  • Replying to my own message here just to let everyone know that the Dell tech I talked to last night said that currently there's no fix for the Vista sleep problem (some systems won't wake up after being put to sleep), and that Microsoft is working on a fix, but nothing is available now, and that the fix will come via the regular automatic Windows Update process.
    My questions to the Dell tech were:
    1. Is there some sort of tracking number for this fix at Microsoft.  Tech didn't know.
    2. If I don't have a tracking number, how will I know when to try using sleep mode again?  Tech couldn't say.
    Now I wondering whether there really *is* an effort underway at Microsoft to fix this, or, is this problem actually in some else's bailiwick, for example, nVidia's (I've got the nVidia GeForce 8600 GTS card).  I've read results from some web searches referencing a fix involving an nVidia graphics card driver change.
  • Similar Problem - trying to find answer: XPS-410 after boot-up, if you leave system setting on the log-on page (just showing user icons) and let it go into sleep or standby (not sure but about 20 minutes later), you cannot get it to wake-up. I have tried everything and but it just won't respond. Keyboard remains lit, mouse red LED is on and monitor shows amber indicator (no video). Hard power down and restart will bring everything back fine. No issue with sleep if beyond the log-in and at desktop or in applications, only happens when at log-in page.
    DELL sent tech out to replace my XPS-410 Motherboard yesterday. I told DELL not going to be the fix but DELL insisted. So sure enough took time off of work and Dell contract tech from Comparax replaced New Revision A02 motherboard with old refurbished Revision A01 mother board. Same problem exists.
    So just to prove the right hand of DELL doesn't know what the left hand of DELL is doing...So who is right? Your tech said Microsoft Problem, my tech said Motherbard problem. There are literally hundreds of posts across multiple DELL forums about this problem but no fix.
    Friend of mine has an HP model with same processor, same age, same video, running Vista Home as mine and he does NOT have ANY sleep problems. Have not checked HP Forums but right now don't believe that this is MS but really a DELL problem. Feeling abandoned by DELL and they truly don't care and have proven to be ill trained, ill informed and provide bad poor customer service.
  • There are a few Microsoft Vista bugs in sleep mode, and that is always a possibility.
    However, generally speaking, problems of failure to wake from Vista sleep mode in desktop processors are most often associated with driver bugs.  For example, the nVidia (and also ATI to some extent) graphics adapters Vista drivers have known problems in waking from sleep mode. 
    See, for example:
    Also, sometimes the power-savings settings for a USB hub or a USB device itself [CP > system > device manager > [USB hub] > properties] are set to turn off a device to save power.  This seems to me to be unlikely in this case.
    The latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager Vista driver fixed a problem of failing to wake from sleep mode when a disc is inserted into a CD/DVD drive.  (Another good reason to get rid of the Intel Matrix Storage Manager on Dell systems if one does not have a RAID configuration.)

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  • That is great - I'll check the links you provided. I did remove all USB devices to see if there was some kind of conflict or issue but even with everything removed the problem still occurrred with just the internal devices installed.
  • I ran into this problem for the first time today. My XPS-410 running Vista Ultimate failed to wake from sleep mode. I've been using the computer for about 9 months and this is the first time this has happened. I have no idea what might have caused the problem. Since I don't have time for extensive troubleshooting right now, I just turned sleep mode off.
  • Try my answer from this thread, at the bottom. While it is for a Windows 7 64 bit install, I think the problem lies either within the graphics card driver and Microsoft update and directx, all 3 together. Link is: (look for message from me, ronxp2000) http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/software-os/f/3524/p/19302545/20572842.aspx#20572842