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Windows Installer-Error opening log file-Verify location exists and is writable (for MS Office)

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Windows Installer-Error opening log file-Verify location exists and is writable (for MS Office)

  • This concerns a DELL desktop, Dimension E510, with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, and Windows Installer Version 3.1. Attempted installation of MS Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003. Attempt unsuccessful! Getting the message:

    "Windows Installer, Error opening Installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable."

    Maybe something about the registry, ‘drive:\Windows\System32\msiexec.exe /V’, needs to be edited. Please help me install MS Office.

  • Hello :smileyhappy:
    I think you need to run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
    Read the instructions here before using it.  There is a download link too
    Download and install the Cleanup Utility
    Run the program.
    Look for a entry for MS Office
    Highlight it and get the program to remove it.
    Try to install MS Office again into the SAME folder as before
  • Thank you but ...:smileysad:
    I Downloaded and installed the Cleanup Utility.
    I Ran the program.
    I Looked and Looked for an entry for MS Office unsuccessfully.
    It is not there to Highlight, remove and/nor Reboot.
  • Is there a blank entry, or one which is just gobbledy-?   If there is remove it.
    Just in case you have a corrupted install have a look for it in Add/Remove Programs and uninstall it
    Then assuming you have it all on a CD delete all the files from your system.
    Then run this good free registry cleaner
    Try installing it again
  • No blank entry, nor one which is just gobbledy. Nothing out of the ordinary that should not be there (to be removed). Nothing identifiable as a corrupted install in Add/Remove Programs to uninstall. Believe I stared it all down comprehensively. Yes, I have CDs shipped with the computer in July 2007. Nothing appears predominately in need of deletion from my system. I downloaded the free registry cleaner, EasyCleaner, I then clicked 'run' in the resulting display window after downloaded. The display window then vanished without further notification. Attempted three (3) times saving and runnning immediately. Same message upon attempting to install MS Office 2003. "WINDOWS INSTALLER-Error Opening Installation log file. Verify that the specified log file exists and is writable.
  • :smileyindifferent:
    let me add that the run box identifies the publisher is nor recognizable. I don't think this matters though, right?
  • It seems that WIndows Installer itself is not working
    Go to Start/Run and type in:
    msiexec /unregister
    Then Start/Run and type in:
    msiexec /regserver
    Line 94  left hand side
    Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt
  • well buddy, no go ...
    the "msiexec /unregister, OK, Start/Run and type in: msiexec /regserver", and
    Line 94  left hand side" did not work successfully.. I am tempted to rip a whole in my registry and mail it all back to Dell... not really:smileywink:
    on on my way to the big bit bucket in the sky, not computer lie for me...
    it probably take extensive time before i finger it out...not really take mme with a grain of salt:smileyvery-happy:
  • OK.  Here is a MS article with more ways to try to fix the Installer.
    You might have to resort to Method2 and reinstall it
  • Well, looks like I am out of options other than to 
    1. "reinstall your operating system..."
    2. "or modify the registry at your own risk."
    If I do not hear from you again, thank you for your time and effort.

  • 2 last desperate options.  You will need your installation CD for both
    1. Start/Run and type in
    sfc /scannow  (there is a space before /)
    It will run and not give a report at the end.  You just have to check if problem is fixed.
    If that does not help try a "Repair" of XP
    A repair won't lose any data, other than Service Pack (if not on CD), any Windows Updates and unsigned drivers, which will need to be re-installed afterwards.

    Stay offline to do a repair and do not go online again without a firewall enabled. After repairing XP, install Service Pack (if necessary), firewall and then you must install all Critical Updates next.
    How to Repair XP
    Boot up with the XP CD in the drive and let Setup run. Go past the first "R" repair option by pressing Enter just as if you're doing a clean install and you'll eventually come to an option to "Repair an existing installation". Select this one.

    Scroll way down page to
    Windows Installation CD - Repair Current Installation
    And you are very welcome.
    Apologies in advance if these do not work.  I don`t know any other ways to fix the Installer
    Good luck

  • :smileysurprised:
    "Start/Run, type in sfc /scannow, OK" did not work. +The program informed me it could not find four (4) other .dll files on my 'new' XP OS disk from DELL.
    I am going to do some reseach reading on the registry, and look under some other rocks before I get into the "Repair" mode. Installing Operating Systems (~from scratch) has taken days for me in the past.