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Password Problem

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Password Problem

  • I have a Dimension 2400 with Windows XP Home. When I try to use theTask Scheduler Wizard to schedule a backup to an external HD, I cannot get past the Password Window. I get Error Dx80070005, access denied. The suggestions from the Help menue have not been very helpful. Can anyone steer me thru this?
    Thanks, John
  • Hey, just tried this myself,

    If your account does not have a password (you dont use a password to log on to the computer)
    the scheduled task will not run.
    this is a security feature.

    If you type the wrong password at that box you will see error
    Dx80070005, access denied

    type your correct password and you should not have this issue.
  • To: ndeezle
    Thanks. I created my logon password and everything works fine!