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Sonic encoders

  • I start up my computer and this sonic thing comes up and keeps asking me to put the cd in. I cancel it and it keeps asking me till about 8 times later it gives up. But how do I get rid of this problem. I tried deleting it and it won't delete.
  • I've seen that problem posted here many times in the past year or two, but never paid much attention. Type "Sonic asks for CD" into the search box at the bottom of this page to review some previous threads. Hopefully you will find a common solution there, or at least find what others in this situation have done to cope with the problem.
    I'll look through a few also and see what I can find.
    Is the Sonic software partially uninstalled on your system at this point?

  • Yes it is partially installed. I don't have a cd that came with the computer called sonic (can't remember last name). But all that is left is program called sonic encoders.
  • thats what comes up is sonic activation module. It keeps asking for cd. When I go to delete it I only got part of it deleted. Now it says sonic encoder. Can anyone help me get rid of this pain
  • Request the CD from Dell in case it will be needed. Sometimes software can be uninstalled properly after reinstalling it, or you may wish to keep it if you can get it fixed.
    Looks like RoHe has some insight to this issue, and provides details for temporarily stopping startups (like maybe the sonic activation module) that might be causing the message, and contact information for obtaining the installation CD, which may be the more permanent solution.

  •  I got so tired of trying to get rid of the sonic activation dialog box, that I finally called Dell on call.  After uninstalling my Roxio program, which didn't help, they had me run what is called Windows Clean Up Utility and after that it was gone. Hooray

    Hope this works for you

  • I finally got so tired of trying to delete it, that I called Dell On Call for help. After removing my Roxio program, which didn't help, they had me run what is called Windows Clean Up Utility and it worked and it's gone


    Hope this helps and works for you

  • The easy solution:


    There is a patch ...


    download and run it and all should be OK




    hope that helps


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