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Internet Explorer Dell Start Page

  • HELP!!! I have emailed, chatted, read throught the forums, tried all of the suggestions and now even have spoken with Dell and they can't seem to help me with my problem. I have tried to change my home page a million times through the Tools, Internet Options etc way that most other peole can change their home page I have tried to set my home page to blank but every time it goes back to the Dell Start Page. I have run spyware detecting programs, virus programs & hijacking programs but nothing is detected. I read somewhere that it is in the system registry but I have no clue how to change that. I need help this has taken me way too many hours and I am getting annoyed. Please someone help me!!!!!!!!
  • Hello casl03 :smileyhappy:
    Have you got "My Way" installed by Dell on your machine.  If so you need to remove it
    Line 377  left hand side
  • Interestingly over last few days I have experienced same problem, not sure why this problem has just started or the cause? Like casl03 I have run AV, AS etc., nothing detected.

    My Internet Options Home page is set as my ISP URL so initially thought my ISP server was down (since all other URLs respond OK)? But problem is intermittent, 80% time I receive the Page cannot be displayed message then default myway page URL appears.

    Also checked Registry Editor, HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main the data value for Default_Page_URL is the DELL myway page, but data value for Start Page (as is Internet Options setting) is correct, that is, my ISP home page URL? Finally, assume myway has always been on my PC so not sure why it would now start causing Home Page URL problems?

    Probably a red herring, but only unusual thing was received an InstallShield auto update about DELL Media Experience CinePlayer, after install obtained strange warning message “This Update is not designed for the application version currently installed”? Strange to get this AFTER being asked to install?


  • Ok, did that but still start IE with the Dell Start Page here is the website I ALWAYS get:

    I want to set my own start page in IE, still need HELP!!!!!!:smileysad:

  • BellBoy - did you recently update a version of ZoneAlarm? If so, that is the culprit...

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    Steps if you have ZoneAlarm 6.5 (taken from JRosenfeld).....

    Zone Alarm free firewall v locks the home page, with no option to unlock it (the Pro version does have the option). As its services are not loaded in safe mode, it would not interfere in safe mode, so starting in Safe Mode is one way to change the page.
    An alternative is to uncheck load ZA on startup, shut it down, restart; then you can change the home page in normal mode. (make sure XP firewall is on before connecting to the internet). After changing home page, you can restart ZA from start/programs.

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  • hrova

    Thanks, I had read Jrosenfeld reply to the lakehaven post. Found it interesting since just upgraded ZAP to v 6.5.722 (previous versions had McAfee compatibility & stability issues).

    I have contacted Zone Labs (normally very good at replying to tech queries). Will post here if anything to report from my ZA query.


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  • Still waiting on reply from Zone Labs. ZAP has numerous features relating to blocking & locking, e.g. engaging Internet Lock & pass-lock permissions but I don’t see any new feature that specifically locks or unlocks IE6 Option Settings Home Page URL. Unless Jrosenfeld post is referring to a Control feature only available in ZoneAlarm Security Suite & not in ZAP?

    I have never had to add my ISPs DNS or DHCP servers to the trusted zone

    In any case the Home Page problem has ceased & I may have found cause?

    I did some IPAddress (IPA) investigations, noted ISP had changed (as normal) my dynamically assigned IPA, in particular the Subnet Mask value ( that caused similar problems during August 2005. Subnet Mask has now reverted to previous higher IPA group span value & I have no more Home Page URL problems.

    ZAP used to give an Add to Zone warning prompt when a new IPA was detected, haven’t seen this prompt for a while, even though ISP has changed my IPA many times?


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  • I was thrilled to read the comment about Zone Alarm locking the Home Page. I have been fighting this for days and I have the latest Zone Alarm.

    I resolved this by going to Safe Mode and changing the Start Page there. I should have just done that anyway but hadn't. The changed Start Page has held for several days so I guess I'm OK.

    I guess this doesn't prove that it was Zone Alarm that caused the problem but at least I found a way to resolve the problem.

    I hope this works for others.


  • Well Zone Labs have replied, will post results tomorrow, had enough for one day.


  • Ok,I tried the safe mode but since I'm still new at this I wasn't able to change back to normal mode, so, once in safe mode, how do I go back to normal mode? Sorry, I know it's a stupid question but...
  • Not a stupid question. If you don`t know you must ask. :smileyhappy:
    Start button
    Turn off computer
  • Info to anyone still interested in topic?

    Zone Labs replied, yes there is a new function (under Program Control) called "Change IE Home Page" which has various option settings, default is ASK, which means you would get a warning prompt if some program was trying to change your Home Page. And I’ve tried the other options, but it makes NO difference. It’s part of ZAP OSFirewall function.

    Anyway I have concluded that it’s not a program that is changing my Internet Option setting Home Page URL but is simply; when IE6 browser cannot find it, the browser locates & then displays the default page URL. If data value for Default_Page_URL is the DELL myway page URL, then that’s what you see. Therefore this fault will occur if something was blocking the Home Page URL or problems with Home Page URL DNServer.

    Sent query (twice) to ISP but still waiting on reply, since problem returned today when ISP changed my IP Address again which included problematic Subnet Mask value Unfortunately my ISP is hopeless at answering tech queries (but the do answer purchase questions, apologies for the cynicism)


  • ok so I have tried shutting down Zone Alarm and set my home page, get all back together and POOF STILL at that home page. I tried goin into safe mode and changing the home page and STILL restart and get that I feel trapped by Dell into using thier own home page. During one of my chats the person had said that we would have to change the system registry. I asked him to guide me though the steps but I had to answer a few questions like my address & Phone number and then all of a sudden he decided that he did some research on this topic and they think it is due to spy ware. But I have run spyware programs and have done everything that everyone has suggested and still am stuck with as my home page with no hope of chaning it.:smileymad:
  • Did you uninstall all Google products first, using the info. in this link, steps 2 through 6?

    Once you have done that, then change the home page in safe mode.

    If that doesn't work, I am stumped....

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  • Try this and see if you can fix it by using the "Enable" option when you run it.
    Enable/Disable Setting the Default Home Page
    It writes to the registry to allow enabling/disabling