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SM Bus Controller Driver for Optiplex GX620 Windows XP

  • I cannot find the correct driver for: "SM Bus Controller" ?
    I have the following system: OptiPlex GX620 Windows XP
    Download Page:
    Thank you

    Found it: Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility

  • No help at all ... i believe most people can figure how to navagate to the driver page for this model... how about providing an actual useful link to the correct dirver.  Now that would be helpful....

  • useless broken link!

  • Then YOU post a current link in this SEVEN year old thread!  YOUR posts are more useless than the original posts ... yours contribute NOTHING, their link only doesn't work because DELL changed their URL format (bound to happen after 7 years).  If you need help, start your own thread, and we'll get you a current link.

  • I am locking this thread due to age.

    Philip Yip


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  • I had already locked it.