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Windows XP Reinstall - Keyboard and Mouse not working on Dimension 2400

  • I have a Dimension 2400 with Windows XP.  I have a legacy keyboard and mouse attached. 
    The keyboard and mouse are both non-functional during the reinstall.  This would not be a problem except that a dialog appears during the reinstall requesting the location of a file.  A bit of a problem as the keyboard and mouse don't work!
    It would appear that the drivers running during the reinstall are looking for something other than what I have attached for the keyboard and mouse.  Though that seems a bit strange.  The keyboard works just fine during BIOS operation, and during Recovery Console operation.
    If you have resolved this problem before, or know how to resolve the problem, I would greatly appreciate your help!
  • Answers to your questions:
    "The installation program should not be looking for any files as all required files for the installation are on the XP CD."
    That's what I thought too.  It is performing a repair reinstall as opposed to the clean reinstall.
  • I think this repair reinstall is expecting omci.sys, and the mouse and keyboard drivers, in the C:\windows\system32\drivers directory, and not finding them.  This would explain why the keyboard and mouse are not working and the omci.sys is not being found.

    I will check and see if this is the case, and copy the files to this directory if they are not there.

  • My problem was that the drivers mentioned were missing from the C:\windows\system32\drivers directory.  Once I added them, using the Recovery Console, my repair reinstall completed, and my keyboard and mouse were functioning again.