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Uninstall Corel Photo Album Trial

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Uninstall Corel Photo Album Trial

  • How do I uninstall Corel Photo Album Trail, but requires the CD-ROM to do so, which DELL does NOT provide with the purschase of new system.
  • Try the "add and remove programs" screen.  That's how I got rid of Corel Photo Album Trial on my system.
  • I uninstalled Corel Photo Album Trial and now the blue icon called Program Updates in the Start Menu says it's missing the necessary link to do program updates.  This is the second XPS system I've had now where Photo Album Trial has caused problems.  The system says it's missing 'Program Updates.lnk' ...  it disappeared with the uninstallation of Corel's software.  Anyone else having this problem?
  • Also was unable to uninstall COrel Photo Album 6 bolatware with Add/Remove programs. I came up with two solutions.

    1) I solved the problem with SmartyUninstaller2006. It did a great job uninstalling the program and removing the registry keys, but left All the program files on the computer (in C:/Program Files/Corel ). Those I deleted by hand. This worked fine and created no problems with Sonic.

    I would recomend either using this program to uninstall all the bloatware (especially AOL, which leaves a ton of stuff scattered around your registry when you uninstall it the regular way) OR buying Registry Fix (which is what I ended up doing since I didn't realize the probelem was so extensive before uninstalling a bunch of stuff.) and using it to fix all the leftover registry stuff. Registry Fix also has an uninstall feature which reportedly works well but I havent tried it.

    Smarty Uninstaller 2006 comes with a 15 day free trial period which is more than enough time to do all your uninstalling. It also seems to uninstall well itself.

    Registry Fix, I'm quite happy with.

    2) Corel sent me the following uninstall instructions but I didn't have the patience to wait for thier reply before using the above method.......
    I apologize for the trouble.
    Completely remove Photo Album 6 using the Zapps.exe utility and following these instructions.

    1. Point your web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc..) to ftp://ftp.corel.com/pub/PaintShopPro/X (either click on the link or copy and paste it into the address bar of your web browser). This will load the Download page of our FTP Server.
    2. Locate the file ZapPS.exe
    3. Left-click and drag the file from the Download page window to your Computer Desktop (you can also copy/paste by right-clicking on the file and choosing copy and then right click on your desired destination and choosing paste). This will transfer the file from our server to your computer.
    4. When done downloading the file, browse to the location of the saved file. Double left-click on it to launch.
    5. From the Product Drop-down menu, choose Corel Photo Album 6.
    6. Under Actions, add a checkmark next to all 4 options (Uninstall, Run MSI Zap, Remove Registry Keys, Remove Installed Files). If you have customized albums by adding soundtracks, arranging the display order of images, or if you have assigned Keywords, Titles, or Descriptions to your images, this process will automatically back up your database file for you so that this information will be retained.
    7. Choose begin. The utility will begin to uninstall Corel Photo Album 6. Then the utility will remove all other portions of the program. Note: The files you have created, edited or saved with Corel Photo Album 6 will NOT be deleted, moved or changed.
    8. Once the entire process is complete, go to C:\ Program Files\ Corel\ and delete the whole Corel Photo Album 6 folder and the Corel Photo Album 6 installation files folder if you see this. NOTE: If the following error appears: " cannot delete MediaDetectRc.dll: Acess is denied." Turn your computer off, reboot and then delete the Corel Photo Album 6 folder.
    9. Click on Start (main Windows Start button) > Run.
    10. Type: %appdata% and click OK.
    11. Right click on the Corel Photo Album (not Corel) folder and choose Delete and close the window.

    Corel Photo Album 6 has now been completely removed from your computer.

  • will this work on corel paint shop pro X?