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Uninstalling spyware programs-unins000.dat does not exist

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Uninstalling spyware programs-unins000.dat does not exist

  • I'm having a problem with my MSN software, and their techies have recommended that i remove spware programs which are always running. That said, i attempted to remove Spysubtract (that was not always running, but was a superfluous program) and Spyware Blaster, and with each attempt received this message: "unins000.dat does not exist, cannot uninstall."  Dont know what a "dat" file is or what to do next.  I want to retain my Ad-Aware and Spybot and I have disabled SpywareGuard, while the MSN techies are trying to help me.  I understand those are sufficient programs to guard against Spyware, but would like to remove the others, just in case the MSN folks are correct. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.
  • Hi,

    "unins000.dat" is needed to uninstall a program

    Reinstall SpywareBlaster and Spysubtract in the same folder ( on top of themselves) That should replace the unins000.dat files. Then, leave all protection disabled and try to uninstall then both.

  • Thank you for reply. To what "protection" do you refer re: disabling, before i attempt another uninstall? Thanks again.
  • If any of the programs you want to uninstall has an icon in the system tray you have to right click that icon and select "exit" or "close" or something similar.  The uninstall will not work if this is not done because the program is running.  Maybe you do not have icons in system tray for them but better to check first.
  • Thank you. I had to reinstall both programs (SpySubtract & SpywareBlaster). Then i THINK i successfully uninstalled both.  Thank you for the help.  Only remaining spyware programs are SpyBot, Ad-Aware and SpywareGuard, and the only one "running" is , I think, Spywareguard. Hope MSN is correct, and that one of these deleted programs was creating conflict.  Thank you again.
  • You`re welcome.
    If they are no longer in Add/Remove Programs they will have been uninstalled.
    Hope it is fixed now