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poweredge 6650 slow POST time


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poweredge 6650 slow POST time

  • i have a PE6650 service tag DQG7F51
    quad 3Ghz, 32GB, bios rev. A15

    it's taking 20minutes to POST.
    what is it doing? is this necessary? can i speed this up?

  • I have the same problem and have NOT found ANY way to speed it up?

    Is anyone reading these issues? 


  • I'm having the same trouble with our new PE6600.  This is ridiculous - even our RISC boxes don't take this long.

    I note that there's an A16 BIOS available now - guess I'll try that and see if it helps.

  • I've upgraded my 6650 (with 16GB RAM) to BIOS A16 and it makes no difference.

    Does anyone have an update on this.

  • Was there ever a fix for this?  I am running a 6650 4 CPU 16GB memory  with bios A16 and it take for ever to go through the POST.
  • I've discovered it's actually doing a memory test.  Let it start the boot up (white bar filling up) and when the F12 / F2 options appear in the top left of the screen, hit space bar and it by passes the memory checks.  Not particulary useful if rebooting remotely, but it works.  You should see the message "skipping memory checks" or something like that.  Boots a lot quicker. :smileyhappy:
  • Is there a way to disable it via the bios or jumper setting?
  • That I never figured out.  I only reboot the server when I'm actually at the console, so I was happy with my work around.  I would imagine there must be a way to perform quick memory check.
  • I suspected that it was a memory check - there just didn't seem to be any other logical explanation. Glad you found a way to skip it - I had tried the escape key without success. Now if we can just find a BIOS setting to disable it altogether. Does anyone know a possible key sequence to unlock "advanced" settings in the PE BIOS?
  • One option to temporarily increase boot speed is to turn on the 'OS Install' option in the BIOS setup.  This option limits the system memory to 256MB so it's not a permanent boot speed fix.  Once the installation/diagnostic work is done on the machine, the option should be turned off.