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Upgrade Old PowerEdge SC 440


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Upgrade Old PowerEdge SC 440

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I have an old PowerEdge SC 440 that I'd like to upgrade the processor on to a 64-bit. Not sure what else would fit this particular motherboard and can't find any information on the specs, but the current processor is a Genuine Intel E2160 1.80 GHz, 1795 MHz, 2 Core. Any suggestions?

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  • Perform a Google search using the search term of "poweredge sc440 hardware owner's manual" and the first hit will give you the sc440 hardware owners manual while the second hit will give you the sc440 spec sheet, both documents available from the Dell support web site. Download and read these two documents from cover to cover and this should clarify the system capabilities and components for you.

    After reading these documents, if you still have specific questions, someone with a sc440 may be able to help you.

  • According to the specs, the Xeon 3060 is the fastest processor you can put on the Intel 3000 chipset in a PowerEdge SC440: