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PowerEdge R710 Memory Configuration


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PowerEdge R710 Memory Configuration

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I have an R710 and I'm trying to configure it with 4X 8GB and 2X 16GB memory modules - unfortunately, no matter what combination I try, I get unsupported memory configuration errors or disabled modules or warnings about a non-recommended configuration.

Can anyone suggest how I can configure these modules to avoid the warnings or do I need to replace the 8GB modules with 16GB or vice-versa?

Thanks for looking :)

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  • The manuals are here. <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell> There is a memory update and the hardwer owners manual which has a section on the system memory.

    Check in system setup (F2) under memory settings. The options are optimiser mode, mirror mode and advanced EEC. If set to optimiser mode, try changing to advanced EEC. The config messages should go away. Also make sure the bios is up to date.

  • Thanks - I did look at the manual and based on that, I tried installing the modules in all the ways suggested. I'll try the Advanced EEC mode though. I still can't work out what's the best thing to do - should I persevere with the 4x 8GB and 2x 16GB or do I need to replace either of them? Will 2x16 replace the 4x 8GB or what?

  • For ECC mode, you could try the dimms in A2,A5 and A8. B2,B5 and B8. Also the dimms must be the same type either rdimm or udimm.

  • The main rules for memory in this server are:

    - each CPU needs the exact same memory configuration

    - each CPU has 3 memory channels available. Each of the used channels has to be identically configured

    - a dimm will have a 'ranking'. Each memory channel supports a maximum combined ranking of 8

    As you didn't post if you have 1 CPU or 2 CPUs, I'll provide some suggestions for both scenarios:

    - your 16GB dimms are nearly guaranteed to be quad ranked

    - your 8GB dimms could be dual ranked or quad ranked

    Not counting the ranking, with a single CPU, you'd only be able to use 2 memory channels and each one would have 1 x 16GB and 2 x 8GB. The third memory channel is unused, so it can be 'different'. However, if one or more of your 8GB dimms are quad ranked, you can only use 1 x 16GB and 1 x 8GB (as these get you 8 ranks).

    If you have 2 CPUs the same rules apply except that you can only use 1 memory channel on CPU 1 and 1 memory channel on CPU 2 (and still with the same limitations).

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  • With the modules in sequence (in the first three slots) and with Advanced ECC selected, I ended up with the first module in each (the 16GB modules) being rendered unavailable so it booted up as 32GB total.

    The 16 GB modules are described as 2Rank of x4 which I presume is dual rank though the x4 may mean quad, I can't say for sure, and they're definitely RDIMMs - Hynix part code is HMT42GR7MFR4A .

    The 8GB modules are also described as 2 ranks so I presume that must mean dual rank and they're DIMMs which are registered. Information is as follows: 8GB 2RX4 PC3-10600R-9-E1 Z11031910197Y Registered ECC DIMM.

    I'll try the A2,A5 and A8. B2,B5 and B8 later and see if that works OK.