PE2850 won't accept CPU Upgrade to Dual Core Xeon SL9HA 3400MP 7140M 3.4GHz 800MHz


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PE2850 won't accept CPU Upgrade to Dual Core Xeon SL9HA 3400MP 7140M 3.4GHz 800MHz

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I wanted to upgrade my 2xSingle-core Xeon 3.6GHz PE2850 to a 2xDual-Core Xeon 3.4GHz CPU.  Didn't work.  The specs say dual core CPUs are supported.  Both are the same socket layout.  Is there something about the Intel SL9HA Dual-Core Xeon 3400MP 7140M 3.40GHz 800MHz FSB that is incompatible with the PE2850 motherboard?  Is there a setting somewhere I need to set?

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  • I've never seen a Dual-Core for or in a PE 2850, but keep this in mind from the manual online:




    If the front of your system chassis is labeled with a "II," your system is upgradeable to the Dual-Core
    ® Xeon® 2.8 GHz Processor with 4 MB L2 cache. See and
    for information on processor availability and upgrade options for your system.




    Before you add or replace a processor, check the latest system BIOS information on the Dell Support
    website at, and upgrade the BIOS if necessary.



    So, my questions naturally are:

    Do you have the 2nd generation of the 2850?
    Did you upgrade your BIOS before installing it?


  • My three 2850 are all first gen.  Not a 2850 II among them.  That would explain it.  Good, at least now I don't feel I'm going totally crazy.


    So, with a 2850 II, were I to acquire one, do you think I could plug the CPU I got into it and have dual 3.4GHz Xeon and 16m L3 cache?


  • According to that, you should.  Of all the 2850's I have, I do not have a 2850 II either.  There must not have been very many of them, because I was always under the impression that the 2850 (and all 8th generation Dell servers) would not take a Dual-Core.

    Good luck.

  • The 3400MP processor is not supported in the 2850. The MP processors are only designed to work in multiprocessor boards with at least 4 processors(6850). I believe the highest you could go in the Gen 2 2850 is the 2.8 dual core processor.  You would need to replace your mainboard with PN XC320 or NJ022. The stepcode of the processor is SL8MA or dell PN TD428.

  • Two of mine I checked are running 2.8 and 3.2, both with XC320 motherboards.

  • The XC320 will take up to 3.6 single core but only up to 2.8 dual core.

  • Ah ... you did say dual core ... my bad :)