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R410/510/610/710 BIOS version 1.4.7 buggy for westmere.


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R410/510/610/710 BIOS version 1.4.7 buggy for westmere.

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Hi all,

We have here R410 servers with Intel L5640 CPUs (Westmere microarchitecture).

L5640s support the new AES instructions, as well as the PCLMULQDQ instruction.

The BIOS version 1.4.7 displays a field ``Intel(R) AES-NI'', which is not modifiable, and says ``enabled''. Unfortunately the BIOS writer apparently misunderstood Intel's documentation, and instead of enabling the instructions, BIOS 1.4.7 invariably sets bis 0 and 1 of the MSR number 0x13c, which has the effect of _disabling_ the AES instructions.

The older BIOS version 1.3.9 plays no funny game with this MSR, and as a consequence, AES instructions do work when BIOS is downgraded to 1.3.9:

@dell: please fix your bios, and adjust your testing procedures. You might want to fix function aes_config in mp.rom, or maybe fix setup.ibl's data field at offset 0x14c32 (haven't figured out all the bits).



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  • Hi,

    I have encountered a similar issue after updating the BIOS on a Poweredge M610 with Intel X6850 CPUs.

    With BIOS 2.0.11, my GNU/Linux kernel detects and uses the AES-NI instructions.

    With BIOS 2.1.15, the kernel no longer sees AES-NI and fails with error messages when trying to use it.

    I have rolled back to the 2.0.11 BIOS and it all works again.

    I have not tried any of the intermediate BIOS updates, but looking at the release notes on http://ftp.dell.com/bios/PEM610-020109BIOS.txt it was most likely introduced in BIOS 2.1.9

    Similar to the original poster, the 2.1.15 BIOS shows the AES-NI as an unmodifiable option in the BIOS that is set to enabled.


  • This issue is apparently fixed in the latest BIOS http://ftp.dell.com/bios/PEM610-020209BIOS.TXT

    "* Ensure BIOS has enabled processor AES-NI before booting to the operating system."


  • We want to disable AES-NI in our BIOS 2.1.9 - becurs we have vmontion problems.