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PowerEdge 2950 E171F PCIE Fatal Err B0 DE F0


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PowerEdge 2950 E171F PCIE Fatal Err B0 DE F0

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I have an orange light shown on the display screen of the Master Server for our VOIP service. This light is shown a fatal error message as I have described on the subject line above.

Can someone please explain to me what this means and how I can resolve it because we are currently experiencing problems on our VOIP network with billing misconfiguration messages popping up all the time. When we tried to configure new SIP phones, we are getting all sorts of problems. There are other problems occurring which I believe has something to do with this fatal error as well.

Please help.

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  • This is most likely a failed/failing PCIe card - if you have an add-in card or even your RAID controller.  I would call Dell, if under warranty.  If not under warranty, you can still call them for assistance, but they cannot send replacement parts, if needed.  Otherwise, I would suggest first reseating the cards and PCIe risers and updating the system firmware (BIOS, ESM, RAID).  If that doesn't do it, then you will be looking at replacing the faulty card, riser, or motherboard.


    Thank you replying. I powered down the server yesterday and cleaned up the inside pulling the cards out and cleaning it up. I reinstalled everything back and powered it up again. Now the error message has disappeared and the system looks normal again. However, the LED at the back of the server that gives a blue light when the server is running normal does not light up at all. Why is this happening?

  • You say the "blue" light on the back is not on ... is the LCD panel on?  Blue or amber, and what is the scrolling message?  If the server is running ok, you might still consider updating the system firmware.  The ESM/BMC is what controls the LCD panel (and its mirror status LED on the back).  Updating it can sometimes fix issues with it.  The LED or its circuitry could also be malfunctioning.

  • Or if it's the led on the cable management arm, the cable may have popped out of the server. Just plug it back in. You'll see a small hole on the back panel.