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PowerEdge 6850 locking up constantly. EB107, EB113 errors and diag errors.

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I have a Dell PowerEdge 6850 that is locking up constantly. I ran the diagnostic tool on it, and am getting the error messages shown in the attached file. It is failing on the Walking MATS Test every time.

After running the diagnostic, the front LCD panel has started displaying EB107 and EB113.

I am not sure if this is a memory problem or a CPU problem.

Any ideas?




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  • It could be memory (not likely a processor as it is happening on all four), but is most likely caused by a card in the system.  Try running diags with cards removed from the system.  I would also recommend updating all system firmware (BIOS, ESM, RAID, etc.), as some updates address/correct memory/PCI errors.

    At minimum, reseat any cards (including memory cards, controller) that are in the system.

    How often are these message occuring?

  • I called in a tech support call on this. The engineer is replacing the riser card and memory to see if the problem is resolved.