Hi all, my first post here. I purchased a used PE1800 and am starting the process of converting it to a Windows Home Server.

The OEM power supply does not include SATA power connectors, however there are two Molex connectors available. I plan to install two 1TB WD drives and will use Molex>SATA adapters. However, I might want to install add'l drives in the near future, and thus would have no more power connectors available.

There is an unused 12-pin power connector of some sort (looks like half of a 24-pin ATX power connector) that intrigues me. Would it be possible to find/make an adapter that could utilize this spare connector and create more SATA power connections? Is this was would have plugged into a SCSI backplane? The machine has a drive cage with hot-swap trays but no backplane (the one SATA HDD is connected normally.)

I can't find any wiring diagrams, specs or anything specific to the PSU. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.