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Poweredge 2600 working temperature


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Poweredge 2600 working temperature

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Hello all.

I have the above mentioned server. Now the trick is i have it on the balcony outside and now when its winter  the temperature drops to -10C and i noticed the server shuts down when its around -5C. Now is there a way i can trick it for example to unsolder the temperature sensor of by updating the bios? Let me say i had an ordinary pc and it worked all year around so from +40C to -10C with no problem. The other thing i found by surfing the net is that its better if its colder.


Thank you for answers

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  • The rule that it's better if it's colder only goes so far; it's best if the system is in an environment between 10 and 20C probably.


    -10C is a bad idea for a system. Just because that PC didn't shut down, it doesn't mean that it was ok; it just means that it didn't have the advanced features to monitor it's environment and play it safe if it gets too cold or too hot.


    For a short period (a few minutes to a few hours) a more extreme temperature may not cause too many long-term issues on a computer, but long term exposure to harsh temperatures can cause the system to have failures sooner than if you kept the system is normal working environment (temperatures, but also humidity).

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  • thank you for the answer i know what you mean but this server was about to go in trash i saved him or extended hes torture if you may :). I would like to trick him but dont know where the sensor is. Or i do this or buy a new server whitch is about 1000€ that about 1200$. I would like to use this one for as long as i can.