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Dell PowerEdge 2950 Hardware Diagnostic tool


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Dell PowerEdge 2950 Hardware Diagnostic tool

  • Hello,


    I need your suggestion on complete hardware diagnostic tool kit for testing Dell 2950 Power Edge Server, I have gone through the "DELL DIAGNOSTIC DISTRIBUTION PACKAGE" but I am not satisfied with that tool. I looking for an Hardware diagnostic tool which performs testing on following Hardware Components.


    1.) Quad Core Xeon E5410 Processor, 2) Ram - Dual Ranked Fully buffered Dimms, 3.) USB Keyboard, 4.) Riser, 5.) SAS Harddrives, 6.) RAID Controllers, 7.) Optical mouse, 8.) Broadcom Gigabit NIC, 9.) DVD ROM Drive, 10.) ePCIe SCSI Host Adapter card-LSI Logic - LSI203201E , 11.) DAT 72 Tape Drive, 12.) US Robotics modem- USR56100C, 13.) Intel Pro/1000PT Server Adapter in the PCIe Slot, 14.) Sony DVD R/W - AWG540A-10. 15.) SMTP etc.,


    Can you please suggest me the hardaware diagnostics tool for this components. Also please suggest me if the name of tool that is used to test specific hardware components.


    Thanks in Advance

  • When I worked in a small computer-shop we used this software: 


    It's pretty good and easy to use. It's not very cheap but worth it's money. There's also a demo-version downloadable after registration.


    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks for your response. Can you please suggest me on Dell Diagnostics tools, My organization is looking for tool from Dell.



  • unfortunately I think (and I've never heard of that) Dell isn't providing any other hardware diagnostic tools than the software you already know from Dell. Call the Dell-Hotline directly and ask if they have some other diagnostic tools too. Would be interesting if they have some "professional"-version of there diagnose tool.
  • Hello BBQigniter ,


    Thanks for suggesting toolstar hardware diagnose software, I downloaded the demo version and I tested it in the desktop machine, It works great, the User interface is excellent. I tested the both windows verstion and the Dos version ( Booting through floppy disk) Both works great, Thanks a lot.


    Can i use this software for testing server hardware components ??? Is vendor providing support for testing hardware components ?? Please clarify me on this.




  • hmm, good question ;) it supports a wide varity of hardware but I can't tell you if really everything is supported. I suggest you to ask toolhouse directly they have really good support/info per mail and you should quickly have an answer from them. Simply describe them what hardware you use and they certainly will tell you if it will work.

  • There's the 32 bit diagnostics that will test your system outside of the operating system.  On new systems it comes installed, or you can download it:


    If you want to run diagnostics from withing windows while the system is running, try the PowerEdge diagnostics:


    You should also be running Open Manage Server Administrator within Windows, it can monitor everything: