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PowerEdge 1800 Amber alert light


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PowerEdge 1800 Amber alert light

  • Hi,

    Apologies if this question has been asked 100s of times - I have been through the first half a dozen pages or so of the forum.

    Our main DC is a Dell Power Edge 1800 and in the past week the amber alert light has started flashing on the front panel.

    How do I discover which problem it's reporting? From what I can see both power supplies are running (well they both spin and have green LEDs on them) and the server is located in a server room with 2 x AC units which should be cool enough.

    Disk maybe?

    Any advice, links, etc greatfully recieved!
  • This can be anything health related on the server.  You  should load the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator.  This will allow you to view the server health logs.
  • Hi, had a look at open manage and the only alert that I can see is that the SATA controller firmware is out of date - but would that cause the amber light? And if so it must have _always_ been out of date?

    Have installed updated firmware and am just waiting till lunch to schedule a reboot.

    Will wait and see I guess!
  • Nope, installed firmware and rebooted server today and amber light is still there.

    Open Manage now has no errors!

    I do have an event log error 11 in the log;

    The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Scsi\adpu160m1

    Does this indicate that I have a SCSI controller/termination issue?
  • Click on Main system chassis and then on the Health Log link in the right hand window.
  • All green ticks...
  • Run this program: ftp://dropbox.us.dell.com/dropbox2/ips/DSET/DSET-Windows/Dell_DSET_1.3.exe

    Choose "Create report only".  When the options screen comes up check off advanced reports and nothing else.

    It will create a .zip file on the desktop of the server - email it to me: mark_a_smith@dell.com


  • It's on it's way....thanks for having a look!
  • This was in your health log:

    Mon Sep 04 13:51:17 2006PROC Machine Chk processor sensor transitioned to non-recoverable

    Troubleshooting for this type of issue:

    Swap your processors (if you only have one then reseat it)
    Clear the hardware log and monitor ( you can rerun the DSET utility - one of the install options is to clear the hardware log)

  • Thanks Mark,

    Will try this on Monday and report back!
  • Mark,
    i know this is an old thread, but i'm having the same issue as the OP.  can i send you this report as well?