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Pci-x to Pci-e Convertor?


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Pci-x to Pci-e Convertor?

  • Hi All,
    I have a PE 1650 that has two PCI-x ports is it possible to change the riser to give me two PCI-e ports? If not is there an adapter to convert a PCI-x to a PCI-e port?
    I'm not after the speed or bandwidth of the PCI-e port but need it for compatiablity.
  • There are slot converters but then it wont fit into the slot.  It doesnt give you PCIE video support or SLI.
  • thx Masterslave, can you direct me to these slot convertors? I'm not after PCIe Graphics or SLI. The PCIe port will be used for a raid card, but potentially this server will be replaced with a PCIe only server later this year, hence i dont want to purchase a PCIx raid card. thx
  • Some of the models of server have a riser choice for the slots to have one pcie and 1 pci.

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  • SpeedStep wrote:
    Some of the models of server have a riser choice for the slots to have one pcie and 1 pci.

    Yes thats what i'm after, but need to identify if this model server will support such a riser, and if it does what is the part number?
  • There are some AGP to PCIe converter chips that Nvidia and ATI use to allow the more modern cards to still work in AGP slots, and from what I understand they may also work in the other direction (to allow a card originally designed for AGP to work in a PCIe slot).

    As for PCI-X to PCIe 'risers' or chips, I'm not sure you'll be able to find those, if they even exist. Usually it goes the other way around (turn a PCIe channel into a PCI-X bus).

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  • thx Dev Mgr, i know Dell does have these options for some servers, just not sure if the riser card is cross server compatiable.
    i have found the below reference to the riser options

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    2 expansion slots on 2 different riser options:
    - Riser 1 Option –PCIe
     2 PCI Express slots (two x8)
    - Riser 2 Option – PCI-X
     2 64-bit/133MHz PCI-X full-height, half-length

    the first option is what i'm after.