Poweredge SC430 "Memory Type or speed not supported" after Bios update


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Poweredge SC430 "Memory Type or speed not supported" after Bios update

  • Originally posted in Forum Home > Business Systems > PowerEdge > BIOS > however I am begining to think it is not a Bios issue but a Dimm issue.  Any assistance is appreciated!  I have read in several blogs I am not the only one experiencing this problem...  Many SC430 paper weights out there!
    Thank you to all who read this.  I was having intermittent failure issues with the SC-430 USB keyboard.  In an attempt to cure the problem I flashed the Bios using the Windows Bios flash sc430a01.exe (from Dell support website). After flashing I get an error "System Halted!"  "Memory type or speed is not supported on this system"  I have searched the internet and these forums and cannot locate any info related to this error message. 
    The Bios states that installed memory is 1.0GB 400Mhz Dual Interleaved DDR2 SDRAM (ECC). 
    I am at a loss how to procede. 
    Any assistance or guidance you may have is sincerly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance, 
  • NEVERMIND!!!  I figured it out..... Actually I discovered a Japanese website (which I had to translate - Thanks Google) which outlined many customers having the same issus as mine

    Now I can go to the  "I hate Dell dot com" and rant about my findings! Cause this isn't right!


  • Zathras30 or anyone, could you please share the link to that Japanese page (I can't find any specific solution) or just info on what you did to fix that problem. I'm getting the same error msg (memory type or speed not supported) and can't figure it out. Thanks much in advance!
  • Where is this sit e i am having the same problem