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Flashing Amber Light


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Flashing Amber Light

  • I've got a 2450 with a flashing amber system light. According to the Dell documentation that I've read this means some sort of systems failure. I've got the Dell OpenManager Server Administrator loaded on this box and, according to the application, everything seems fine. Both power supplies are plugged in and have a green light, all fans seem to be working and show up that way in server admin., the memory appears normal, temperatures are ok, voltages are ok, processors are ok, and the raid shows up as being ok. The Server Admin program checks the ESM logs as well and the only thing in there is the chasis intrusion of when I opened up the box to make sure the fans were working. So basically, I've got an amber light indicating a system failure of some sort, but I can't find anything that has failed. Win2K event logs check as being fine as well. I know that this message has been posted for several other Dell PowerEdge servers. I've read through most of them but I don't see anything that applies to my case. Ideas anyone?

  • We started getting this error this morning also. I can't find a reason why either. we have a poweredge 2500 SC. Can anyone point us in the right direction? thanks,

  • Hi Peregriner15,

    I had a similar problem. Windows said everything was OK, but the amber light was flashing.

    It wasn't until I performed a firmware upgrade (all components - BIOS, ESM, PERC) and a software upgrade to the server agents and found that the fans were spinning a bit slow.

    Offhand I'd suggest upgrading to the latest firmware version (you can get the applications from the download link) and upgrade the software. The new versions are much imporved over previous versions and should help you out a bit.

    (Note: Upgrade the PERC drivers BEFORE upgrading the PERC firmware . . . or the system won't boot. That's about the only tricky part I can think of.)

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Perry,

    Sounds like you have checked all the hardware. There is one more obvious thing which will cause the blinking system light. This is the system intrusion detection switch.

    Is the system cover open?

    What are the versions of System BIOS and ESM firmware?
    What is the version of Server Administrator?

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  • No, the cover is closed. I did get a warning about the cover being open but that was when I was doing a physical check of the fans to make sure that they were all operating. The cover was then closed and the server pushed back into the rack. I am going to try the previous suggestion and update the bios and firmware.

  • Hi Perry,

    These are the files you need for the PowerEdge 2450:

    *** BIOS: Dell Server System, PowerEdge 2450, A07
    Filename: B9281U07.exe (417 KB)

    *** ESM Firmware, Multi System, A42
    Filename: a42cust.exe (397 KB)
    This firmware update is a non-destructive update. User data is not affected. Extract the files to a DOS bootable floppy disk. Boot the server to this floppy disk, and run smflsh.exe

    PowerEdge Expandable Raid Controller (PERC) 3/si
    Download and Install driver for Win2000 before installing the firmware.
    Adaptec PERC2, 2/Si, 3/Si, 3/Di, Driver, Windows 2000, v., A08
    Filename: A08W2K27.zip (191 KB)

    Adaptec PERC3/Si, Firmware, PowerEdge 2450, v., A08
    Filename: BS354608.exe (911 KB)

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  • I also have a flashing amber light, but I'm sure it's because I had the case open and the message says there was intrusion.  I can't find ANY documentation of how to RESET the intrusion alert and stop it from blinking.  Please point me in the right direction or tell me how to re-set the alarm.  I have a Power Edge 2800 tower. 
    Is there a way to disable the intrusion switch so I don't have to deal with the alert in the future?
    Z man
  • PS. to my earlier post regarding intrusion alarm on my PE2800::

    I do not see any way to turn off the intrusion alarm setting in my system bios settings as was suggested for another system.   ANY suggestions appreciated!

    Z man

  • I had similar issue, but it was the sensor on the chassis, where the cover is supposed to be that was up. All I did was to hold it down and after about 10seconds the light stopped blinking amber. That sensor is to indicate that the server is left open/unclosed. When it is not flashing amber, it is blue and stable.

  • hi,

    we have amber blinking in the back of our PowerEdge servers and we know the reason for that.  we recently removed hot-spare drive from our servers and seems like since then that amber light has been blinking.  servers have been since then rebooted several time but light remains blinking.  MegaCli doest report any degradation or failure or errors either.  what is the best way to reset the light?  help is appreciated.

  • more information  about server:

    Manufacturer: Dell Inc.

    Product Name: PowerEdge R620

    -  it is covered under Dell service agreement.


  • Hello Mkash28,

    Did you fix this issue? If there is no error being reported in the logs then try clearing them out.


    Ashley C.