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PE1665MC USB CD-ROM bootdisk drivers


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PE1665MC USB CD-ROM bootdisk drivers

  • I'm trying to create a boot disk with USB CDROM support for a Dell PE1665MC blade server. The blade comes with an adapter that has one usb port, which is the only way to connect floppy and cdrom drives to it. I am using a regular WinME boot floppy with CDROM support and altering the CDROM drivers per DELL moderator in another thread. It works with other systems, just not with the blade server (some drivers load, but then hang and do not complete the boot process). The CDROM is TEAC CD-210PU.  I used Disk Image to create an image and now want to use this image to lay it down on other PE1665MC servers.  I found a driver for the USB CD-ROM to be able to make a boot disk that will recognize the CDROM, but when I try to read the CDROM IT has a ERROR CDROM not High Sierra or ISO-9660 format, which I know it is because I created it.  


    Use this driver in your CONFIG.SYS to access your optical drive from
    DOS. Example:

    device=extcd.sys /d:extcd001

    Configure AUTOEXEC.BAT with MSCDEX.EXE. Example:

    mscdex.exe /d:extcd001 /m:15 /l:r


  • Anyone figure this out?  Having the same issue?