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MPT Boot Rom No supported devices found

  • I recently was configuring a PowerEdge 1600 SC Server. The server is used as a mail, internet and file server for a small organization. This system has a SCSI and IDE controller. It also has a CERC RAID adapter, controller and an IDE adapter. In addition to the IDE, there is an array group of four disks. It also has a tape, CD, Zip and DIsk Drive. The BIOS Version is A08. After installation and configuration of Windows 2003 Server, I noticed that during system start-up, it displays the mesage 'LSI Logic Corp MPT Boot ROM no supported devices found!' The MPT BIOS version is 5.06.01. Though it shows the above problem, it goes on to start Windows 2003 well and seems to work well. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem because am afraid that it may catch up with me someday when the email and file services to the organization are crucially needed.
  • I have the same type of server but with no tape/zip drive. It only has a dvd and a floppy drive. I called Dell support and they suggested doing one two options:

    1. change the hard drive sequence. Press F2 during boot process to go to BIOS Setup screen. Select Hard Disk Drive Sequence. You should see "System BIOS Boot Devices", (possibly)"Embedded AIC 7899" which is the SCSI Controller and "PERC 4/SC" which is the array card. (I only saw first and third one). Select "PERC 4/SC" and move it up to first position.

    2. Turn off the on-board SCSI Controller. Again, go to BIOS screen, choose "Integrated Devices", inside the fist item is SCSI Controller and it is set to "On", change it to "Off".

    I tried the first option first and I was still getting the error message. Used the second option and it went away.

    Of course, I don't have any SCSI devices aside from the HDDs.

    Hope this helps.