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2x R730 Storage Spaces direct


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2x R730 Storage Spaces direct

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Hi team,

We are looking for a Dell's S2D solution, we are not interested in DSMS solution, we want custom build.

What we are wondering is, how does Dell provides security on Operating system boot drives.

We will go with HBA330 controller, but Sales rep says we cant use additional H730 controler for Raid 1.

Please advise, kind regards.

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  • R730 allows installation of a single RAID controller. Therefore, either H730 or H330 can be installed here. From my experience, it's usually 2 RAID groups: RAID 1 for OS and RAID 1/10/5/6 for the rest capacity.

    Consider StarWind Virtual SAN Free since it does the same job as S2D and can be implemented aside with hardware RAID. (S2D does not use hardware RAID and real resilience comes at 4-node S2D cluster; no use case for ReFS). www.starwindsoftware.com/starwind-virtual-san-free

  • Cisco also HP and Lenovo supports use of HBA card and Raid card.

    Is Dell planing anything on this part?