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How can one run mutiple idrac 5 cards on the same network?


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How can one run mutiple idrac 5 cards on the same network?

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So I have 4 2950iiis and 1 1950ii i would like to put drac cards in them all to access on the go.I have one set up and it works fine but now the ports are now used on the router so I dont know how I would be able to hook up 4 more cards off one network /external ip address / domain.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any advice.

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  • Port forwarding.

    How you implement this depends on the model of your router, but almost all firewalls/routers will do it. If yours doesn't, you are using the wrong model :)

    publicipaddress:externalport forwards to internalipaddress:internalport

    If your public IP was and your DRAC's are on, you could do: forwards to forwards to forwards to

  • I dont believe my router will alow the port to be opened twice on different IPs

  • You aren't "opening" 443 on the inside - internal ports shouldn't matter at all. You are forwarding an external PORT to an internal ADDRESS. On the outside, for a single public IP address (, you can only use 443 ONCE which is why you use different ports on the public side, then "translate" that to a different port on a different address on the inside. Even my $40 Netgear router at home can do this, so if you are running a business behind a firewall/router that cannot do this, I'd recommend a business-class router. What model router do you have?

  • I may be wrong but I assume you're asking how you would 'physically' connect all 4 to your router?

    The answer to this would be to buy a 5 port mini switch.  Connect all 4 iDRACs to the switch and have the last one connect to your router.

    Your router will perform Port Address Translation (PAT) for you as Flash has alluded to...