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Knoppix from USB

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Just wondering if anyone has had any issues booting knoppix 6.7 from a usb drive on an r710. I've got a usb stick with knoppix on it, and it works fine on my xps 15, a 2950, and a host of other machines, but multiple r710s hang it while its booting. A quick search of the forums didn't reveal any easy answers, just wondering if anyone had seen this behavior. 

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  • Hi FerretMan,

    The 2.6.39 kernel in Knoppix 6.7 is probably not too old for the R710 though I suspect there might be an older driver trying to initialize a controller or NIC or even the chipset that is newer and unsupported by the old driver version and hanging it, or a necessary driver is absent from the kernel config. I haven't used Knoppix in quite some time but I seem to recall there was a failsafe option that wouldn't load any drivers and just try to get you up to a minimal root shell, and also an interactive/expert mode that prompted before loading each driver. If that's still a feature you could probably use it to find out what driver it's hanging on or if something else might be the problem. Also I see there is a newer version than you have, 7.0.4. I am not sure if that is an option for your use case but it may be a possibility. Let me know what you find out and if we can help in any way.

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