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PowerEdge 2950 - E2118 Error


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PowerEdge 2950 - E2118 Error

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Dell Support Team,

One of our PowerEdge 2950's has the following error message:

E2118 Fatal NB Mem CRC

According to Dell this means:  One of the connections in the Fully Buffered DIMM (FBD) memory subsystem link on
the Northbound side has failed.

Does anyone know if this is a serious error message?  Has anyone encountered this error with PowerEdge 2950's?  The window to shutdown this server is very small so just looking for advice on this error message.



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  • Dear Brent

    The error E2118 most likely indicating one of your memory has failed.

    Any hardware or software changes in your server lately?

    Do you have OMSA installed? Any up-to-date memory error reported in the hardware log?

    Are you able to perform diagnostics on the memory?

    You can run the online diagnostics since this is a live server, exe version:-


    Once you manage to identify which memory is causing the error, you may want to try to reseat it or swap to a different memory slot to see the error follow the memory or the memory slot.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Manfred W
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