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Poweredge 1800 with dead redundant power supplies. Need to confirm part# vs model#


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Poweredge 1800 with dead redundant power supplies. Need to confirm part# vs model#

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Recently a client of mine lost one of the two redundant power supplies on their old PE 1800 tower. They were not ready to invest another 200-500 to replace it but since the other PS was working I told them they would be fine as long as the other one didnt go but they lose the benefit of the redundancy. The server is plugged into an APC ES750 UPS. On Friday they lost power and of course the APC did what it was supposed to but they had to shut the server down since power did not return in the timely fashion. About 5 hours later the power came back on and they went to fire up the server but it wouldn't power it. So they called me and I came to look at it. I determined that there was power to Y power cable as I plugged it into a plain ATX power supply I had handy so I knew it wasn't a issue with the APC or the Y cable. I unplugged the main ATX cable from the servers motherboard and connected it to an ATX tester to test the main cable from the distribution block to the motherboard and there was no power whatsoever so I figure the problem is simply that the other PS went bad or the distribution block went bad. 

First I can't imagine how the remaining PS or distribution block could have been fried considering it was plugged into the APC and it was shutdown and turned on properly though of course thats possible. Hopefully yhe mother board wasn't taken out to.

So I am trying to get my hands on another PS. The part number is P2591 but the model# DPS-650BB. Online I find  alot of refurbs with part# P2591 but some, even on their sticker do not state the model# DPS650BB. It seems some out there are chinese made aftermarkets or something. Are all the ones I see stating they are P2591's all compatible or do they have to specifically state they are model# DPS650BB?

Also the price range varies wildly from $199 all the way to near $400 for pulls and "refurbs" and 500 to 600 for a few claimed as "new". Even one supplier claimed a new one for 245 and a refurb for 209. That bothers me to. Not sure who to trust.

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  • Sounds like some capacitors may have failed due to age. Parts for this server are scarce as it's been out of production for years so parts can be costly. You can replace the hot swap parts with a standard 650w atx supply

  • Thats what I am afraid of though a visual inspection of the motherboard didnt seem to show any swollen or leaking caps. If I  change out the redundant power supplies with a standard non-redundant then the PS backplane would be eliminated and thus wouldn't matter if the backplane was bad since it wouldn't be needed.

  • Yep, this model was produced with redundant or normal power supply. Even a Dell power supply for the 1800 should be less expensive.