Poweredge T110 and installing video card


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Poweredge T110 and installing video card

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I wanted to see if anyone has had any updates regarding putting a video card into poweredge T110 and if you have what kind of video card did you use?   In order for you to install and use the video card did you have to disable something in the BIOS regarding internal video.  Any detailed info would be greatly appreciated


thank you


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  • In order for any video card to work, it has to be able to disable (or take over) the internal video, as there is no manual setting to do it. Since it is not documented, finding a card that will work is difficult. Since video cards are not supported in servers, the option to disable is not in the bios.

  • I wanted to thank everyone on here regarding the poweredge t110 and video card.  T110 has in its bios an video disablbe feature. Once i did that i was able to use the pci slot to insert a video card. I used like the one someone on here suggested  

    NVIDIA GeForce G210 512MB DDR2 PCI Express Video Card and worked with dual monitors. I was shocked that it was that easy to do. :)  Nvidia card i purchased on ebay for $29.95 +3.41.  Going to purchase another one now for my other T110 computer.

    thanks again for the input and advice on this website

    I just hope my other questions for the other computers turn out as easy.

  • So how did you disable the internal?

  • The T110 does have a BIOS video disable function. Access the BIOS (F2) at Dell splash screen. Then in the BIOS select Integrated Devices. The you will need to scroll to the bottom to EMBEDDED VIDEO CONTROLLER and set it to Disabled.

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  • Hi Mr. Dell-Chris H,

    Pls help me.

    I couldn't modify EMBEDDED VIDEO CONTROLLER setting.

    I can't even select that setting. :(


  • @nyinyithann:

    You need to have a graphics card attached to disable that feature.

  • Poby,

    I have a Dell T110 running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise and I tried inserting an ASUS NVIDIA geforce 210, a very similar setup to yours.  After disabling onboard, the 210 works just fine for DOS/BIOS viewing, but black-screens or BSODs when Windows tried to load.  Any ideas??


  • What brand of "NVIDIA GeForce G210 512MB DDR2 PCI Express Video Card" did you use?  

    Did you have to adjust IRQ settings in the BIOS?  Anything else special?  

    I am using an ASUS NVIDIA geforce 210 and ....  it no worky!


  • I returned my ASUS NVIDIA geforce 210 and bought an ATI Radion 5450 HD silent video card.  Installed effortlessly and works great.  Now I have dual monitors on my Dell power edge T110.  Only problem is that the ATI Management GUI that runs in the system tray crashes occasionally.

  • Did you install driver for the video card?  I did the another T110 and used a driver, before the driver installed it didnt work either.