M1000e: email


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M1000e: email

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Why isn`t it possible to let the M1000e to mail. with no mail server. tried inside, outside nothing works.

The meesage

Unable to send test email
Make sure email aletrs have been configured correctly
and connectivity to the SMTP server exists.

using CMC 3.03

 Who could help me with this?




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  • Have u clicked on Alerts in the CMC console and configured it all.... email alert settings? Is your SMTP server set up to receive from the IP of the console or is there a firewall between the two ip ranges?


    John Bradshaw

  • hello,


    Thank for your reply. Yes I have configured the mail settings. I even tried to use an internal mail server on the same IP range but this doesn`t work either?

    So what is wrong? I even opend all ports between the mail server en the blade chasis.


  • Apart from entering the smtp server settings and email alert destinantions and making sure that the smtp server can receive from that drac ip range, then there is not anything else to do. Log a call with DELL perhaps?


    John Bradshaw

  • Hi,

    Please make sure that your CMC and mail server are in the same network segment ,if not add one ip address within the same segment of CMC in your mail server and configure your SMTP Server with the same ip of your mail server