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how to find out the Service Tag on our computer.


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how to find out the Service Tag on our computer.

  • Dear Sir/Madam, We bought the server from Dell for 1 month and now We want to buy rack mount. So we need the Service Tag to buy it. I only see ST :HO... on our server, when we gave Dell this ST, they said that it's wrong. Please show us how to find out right Service Tag on the server. thank you.
  • It would help if you posted which model server you have as this may influence the service tag sticker location.

    Also, your Dell contact should be able to get the service tag from the order number for the server (if you have this on file still), or at least that's my experience with Dell US.

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  • My server is Dell Poweredge 1950. And i saw the Service Tag on server back.
  • maybe i got it. thank you for your help. I checked on Dell's website it's ok but i don't understand Dell agent said me it's wrong. it's make me confuse. So, i will try to check on another Agent. Thank you so much
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  • Try this command from a command prompt:

    wmic bios get serialnumber

  • You don't say what OS you're running, but if you have Linux on it, try this as root:

    dmidecode | grep "Serial Number" | head -1

    If you have Open Manage Server Administrator installed, I believe it's in the Summary page of that as well.