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Power Usage of a Poweredge 2850


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Power Usage of a Poweredge 2850

  • The power usage for a dual power supply 2850 is listed at 700 watts.  Is this the total power usage of both power supplies?
  • 700 watts is the maximum draw of the power supply; unless you are fully configured (all drives, I/O, processors and memory) your power draw will be lower.
    With redundant power, both supplies run at half load and if one fails the other automatically jumps to full power.  If you have redundant power supplies and a fully configured system, you would still be at a max of 700 watts with each supply pulling 350 watts.
  • On Dell's environmental report, a typically configured system is pulling about 393W. This would be split between both supplies as previously mentioned.


  • The BIGGER 28XX series seem to use 208 volts so the power is a bit different.

    Not sure if its MORE or less watts

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