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PowerEdge 2300

  • I need use secondary network interface card.

    When I insert my new card, the server does not turn on.

    Then, I remove all Network Adapters and insert my new network card, the server does not turn on.

    I order new network interface card, and the same problem occurs.

    The new NIC is Intel(R) PRO/100 S Management Adapter...

    Is there any problem with this model of adapter with my poweredge 2300 ?

    Can I use anyone slot ?

    I need active the slots for use them ?


  • Network adapters which require PCI 2.2 Spec. will exhibit this symptom on earlier revisions of Poweredge 2300 and 4300 system boards. These boards were designed as PCI 2.1 compliant, but not 2.2 compliant. Due to this discrepancy, the system will not post with such a card in the system. Generally this has been seen with later-model Intel and 3com network cards. Earlier revisions, such as Intel Pro 100B network cards should work fine.

    Hopefully this helps to clarify the causes of the issue you are experiencing.


  • I had the same problem try this card Mach Speed - SK-9521 - 10/100/1000 Gigabit PCI Ethernet Adapter
  • Hi there,

    On the back of the server, where the power cords are connected to the server, there will be the little LED lights. If these are on, the power cords are ok thrn the fuse hasn't blown. If they are off, work your way back to the power supply, checking as you go. try different power lead, check that power source is still sending power, check fuse breakers in main panel etc.