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Rapid Rails for R300


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Rapid Rails for R300

  • Hi,


    Can anyone tell me if all Dell 1U servers use the same Rapid Rails kit?  If not, what is the part number for the kit that is compatible with the R300?




  • The Dell 1U Servers use a variety of different rail kits.  Some of the servers share the same kit.  Some of the servers use similar kits with additional components usually involving Cable Management.  There are some servers that have their own unique rail kit.  The only 1U Universal Rail Kit is a generic fixed rail that does not allow the server to slide out like most Dell Rail Kits.  This fixed rail is generally used when there is an issue with the installation depth of the rack or an obstruction in the rack.  It is more of a solution to a problem type of product.


    Unfortunately I do not know the P/N for the R300 rail kit.  It will be 310-XXXX.  Your Dell Account Rep. should be able to quickly provide that for you.


    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.


    Will Beene


  • Hope this helps


    -Rapid/Versa Rails for Poweredge PE1950/SCI435/R300





  • That Rail Kit P/N is: 310-8160
  • Hi,

    From the post above this Matt uses this line:

    Re: Rapid Rails for R300 PoorPoorFairFairAverageAverageGoodGoodExcellentExcellent

    -Rapid/Versa Rails for Poweredge PE1950/SCI435/R300

     and when I go to http://discountechnology.com/Products/Servers-Accessories-Upgrades?search=310-8160

    using the rail kit P/N 310-8160 it list the kit as for a PE 1950.


    my question is, is the rail kit for the R300 and PE 1950 interchangeable?  Between the listing on discount technology and Matt's comment it would appear so.

    can anyone please clarify this for me?


    Thank you,