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SC1425 W2k Install

  • Hello,

    I have an SC1425 that I inherited. It has a corrupt W2k Server install on it and I need to rebuild. However the Server does not have any CDs with it, so I haven't got the Server Assistant CD. When I install Windows 2000 Server, the Default CD does not recognise the SCSI Controller - "Adaptec Embedded SCSI HostRAID Controller" which uses the A320Raid.sys Driver.


    I've tried creating a CD with the Drivers embedded into it and booting from that without any luck, The Server just hangs when i try to boot off the CD. I followed instructions from here:



    I ordered a copy of Server Assistant from a US Website, which said the CD was Windows 2000 comp0liant, but when i boo that CD it only has Windows 2003 Server Drivers on it. Replies have not be forthcoming to my complaint!


    Can anyone advise on how to actually create a working W2k Server CD with drivers installer - I suspect my problems surround DOSNET.INF and TXTSETUP.SIF. Better still has anyone done this and can they provide working copies of these files?


    Heres Hoping!!





  • I should say that installing Windows Server 2003 is not an option!


  • Or can someone at Dell mate an iso image of the Windows 2000 Server compatible Server Assistant CD available for download?

  • You should have never ordered, it is avaiable to download and has been for some time:

    Dell CD ISO - Installation and Server Management

    That should work with both W2K and W2K3. If the OS is from MSDN or Tech Net, they may not work with it.
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  • Hello, Thanks for replying.


    I downloaded that ISO image, but when you boot off the CD it creates, it only offers Windows 2003 installation options. I need 2000 Server.


    The CD I bought has Windows 2000 Drivers but when you boot off it, you only have the option to install Windows 2000.


    I've booted from the Windows 2000 server CD and when prompted added additional SCSI drivers but the Server has no floppy, so I had you use a USB Key. When I did this, I got txtsetup.oem errors on lone 1041 (there aren't that many lines in that file!!!) and the drivers fail to load.


    I can't do a windows repair as the CD doesn't recognise the Disks.


    Can anyone advise please?





  • try an earlier version of the server assistant cd:

  • Hi Tommo666 and Thanks for the input. FYI, I have gone to that link and downloaded the earliest CD ISO file (2.3_DSA_SC_A00.iso). When I boot from it it only offers Windows 2003 or Linus as installable OS's. However, Windows 2000 drivers are available on the CD - if i open the default.htm file inside windows, I can select and open Windows 2000 drivers.


    here must be a way to do this, as the sErver already has a corrupted 2000 Server install, but its eluded me so far!