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PE2950 III - Faulty DIMM


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PE2950 III - Faulty DIMM

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I am having a problem with PE2950 III Rack hardware. Following message appears during PC reboot:

Replace the Faulty DIMM

The FBD Link To The Following DIMM Failed To Train: DIMM2
FBD Training Error – The following Memory Branch has been disabled: Branch 0

Despite replacing the RAM (DIMM2), the fault still remains.

The error code received before the branch was disabled was: E1410 CPU IERR

Appreciate any help to solve this problem


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  • Did you ever get a responce or solution to this? I am experienceing the same issue. Upgrading the BIOS did not help.

  • You may want to reseat all the DIMMs and then switch the possible bad DIMM to another slot.  This way you can see if the error goes away, follows the DIMM, or stays with the slot.  You can also go into the system BIOS/Memory Information and enable Memory Testing.