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Switch out 18GB drives for 36Gb drives ??


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Switch out 18GB drives for 36Gb drives ??

  • Hi, I have a PowerEdge 1650 with Perc 3/Di, and 2 18Gb disk drives (mirrored). We need to add more space to the server. Would it be possible to take one of the drives off line, rebuild the mirror with a new 36Gb drive, and then repeat with the second drive to give us a total of ~36gb mirrored? We currently have logical disks C: and E: in the container. Will we be able to add the additional space to the E:?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  • That is correct.

    Replace one drive at a time, waiting for the raid controller to rebuild the replacement drive. Once both drives are rebuilt, you can expand the volumes.


    Good luck.

  • The question now is, once done how do we increase the size of the drive (E: in his case)? Sorry if this seems a basic question, but I've never needed to do this before myself.

    I'm in a similar situation except that I have a PE6400 running Win2000 server and a PERC2 with a RAID 10 array comprising 6 9Gb drives partitioned 4Gb(C:) + 19Gb(D:) + 2Gb(E:) but I want to expand the size of the D: drive. I only use the E: drive as a dedicated swap partition so I can move the swap file temporarily to the C: drive and delete the E: partition if needed.
  • Update from Dell

    It seems that the Perc 3/Di RAID conroller does "not" support volume expanding. What I had to do in this situation is the following:

    1) Ghost the box
    2) Replace drives
    3) Install barebones OS
    4) Restore with ghost with new partition size.


  • Thank You for the Info. Too bad the volumes can't be extended :-(
  • after some additional thought ... can I get you to clarify what you mean when you say the volume cannot be expanded. Do you mean that the E: drive cannot be expanded, or do you mean that the mirrored array cannot be expanded to use all ~36Gb? If so, would it be possible to define a second mirrored array using left over space on the new drives? (I doubt I would do this, but am just wondering if it is possible).

    If its just that the E: primary partition cannot be expanded, I can always create an F: or something.


  • what are the odds for success ghosting a Netware 6.5 partition?