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SCSI 0 had exceeded failure prediction threshold


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SCSI 0 had exceeded failure prediction threshold

  • Hi,

    I have recentally bought the Dell Power Edge 2400. I have started installing the Windows 2000 with Dell Openmanage server Assistant.
    After installation is completed at the time of booting the server I am getting the the error as
    "SCSI 0 had exceeded failure prediction threshold"

    I have 5 HDD without RAID. It is on connected on SCSI controller only. The SCSI contoller is inbuilt "Adaptec AIC 7890 SCSI BIOS V25701"
    The HDD are "Seagate Model : SX318203LC"

    I am getting the error after the detection of all drives during booting. The error appears for all the five drives, i.e. SCSI 0 to SCSI 4

    Can anybody pls suggest what is the problem

    regards & thanks
  • Hi Sameer,

    Normally this message is associated with a SMART error, which is an early warning of an impending drive failure. All 5 drives "could" have smart warnings, but I think there may be another problem.

    I would recommend these things:
    Remove, Inspect and Reseat each hard drive and cable on the Scsi Backplane and also the Scsi cables on the motherboard

    Upgrade the System BIOS and ESM Firmware on the PowerEdge 2400. This will also upgrade the Scsi BIOS.

    If there is no data on the drives, do a low-level format on each drive.

    Finally run the hard drive diagnostics:
    Dell Elite Hard Drive Diagnostics, Diagnostics, MS-DOS, 5.30.00
    FileName:  BR61011.exe [953 KB]
    Release Date:  6/10/2003

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I went through F10(System Partion)& run system diagnostic utility I got the following error for all HDD.

    1) SCSI 1000 disk-confidence test : fail
    result code 4400-0180
    MSG : error message exceeded maximum length

    2)embedded server mgmt esm2 system board senser check :fail
    result code:1700-0324
    MSG: critical error on entry 93 of 125. smb event was reported for ps2
    status sensor with a value of ff02h.

  • Hi Mark,

    I have run the Elite Diagnostic test for HDD. Out five HDD Four HDD passed the test.

  • Hi Sameer,

    I have sent you some information via email on some tools which may help us resolve the issue.

    The Utility Partition diagnostic results you posted are ambiguous and may not be trusted. Actually these diagnostics are an older version, installed when the server was first manufactured. There is no date code, so these errors could have happened anytime sine the server was new. A note about the reference to PS2. This usually indicates the second power supply was not plugged in. If you do not have 2 power supplies, it is just a false error message.

    Try removing the drive that the Elite diagnostics reported bad. Then retest each drive by itself in the server.