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Rebuild Array stuck at 0%


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Rebuild Array stuck at 0%

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I have a Poweredge 2900 that is running RAID-1 with 2x750GB SAS disks on a SAS 6/IR controller.

Both of the drives showed as failure predicted so I pulled one drive and let it rebuild with my hot spare, a 1TB SAS disk.

After 8 hours, going through OMSA, the state of the new drive shows "rebuilding" but clicking on further details, shows progress @ 0% complete.  The server is running at a crawl, so it feels like something is going on, but I can't tell.

Can anybody help or have any ideas?


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  • Chances are that you have a "logical" predicted failure of your RAID array - the array is corrupt, so it cannot rebuild the disk.  The controller log would probabaly give some additional insight.  You could run diagnostics on the disks to be sure.  You may be looking at rebuilding the RAID array and restoring from backup.

  • Thanks for the reply.   A couple hours later "unrecoverable medium error" kept popping up.

    At that point I threw in the towel and configured a new array and restored from a backup.  The backup wasn't the most recent one possible since the bad blocks problem prevented me from taking an image while the array was corrupt.

    I wonder if I can get an SAS - SATA - USB cable and pull some data from a single drive to fill in the holes in my backup.

  • Looks like that cable doesn't exist, but a SAS card should do the trick.  Can't hurt to give it a try...

  • There might not be a SAS to USB "cable", but even if there were, the problem is you wouldn't be able to see any data on the disks ... you would need to connect the disk to a PERC capable of reading and importing the VD on the disk (another SAS 6/iR or a PERC 6/i) ... unless you have the tools and know-how to get around the RAID metadata.