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Dell PowerEdge 6650 Raid 1 Logical Drive Failure


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Dell PowerEdge 6650 Raid 1 Logical Drive Failure

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Hello,i will story from the first step.

Server was working with no problem everything was okay about 1 year.Server worked on windows 2003 system,also it was powering on from ups.

Everything went okay,but one morning i saw that server is off.I tried to turn him on but it was useless.Power button was blinking green and that's all.

After when i opened it's cover i saw that the problem is with power supply.Red indicator was blinking,after examination of supply and some tries to fix it,we have bought a new one.After we installed it everything went okay server turned on it's started to load,and at the moment when desktop of windows should appear blue screen with memory error showed for few seconds and computer has rebooted,after second start about on half of it's initsalisation indicator it's started to give audio warning from scsi controler.3 seconds of beep in 1 second interval.

After system shows that boot disk failure.

Pressing CTRL+M and watching situation about physical disks you can see the both drives are offline.Didn't forced them to go online becouse i can't understand witch drive is failed.and don't know from where to start.

Maybe someone could share some ideas what to do.

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  • Once the rebuild has finished, i would run a consistancy check on the array and also run the diags utility and check the hard disks.

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  • In the physical disk menu, bring up the disk information and look for media/other errors. Do this for each disk. If there are errors listed this is a good indicator that the disk has problems. Ultimately you'll have to bring them online but one at a time. If you bring a failed disk online it should fail again very quickly. Then bring the other disk online and see if stays up.

    If it does boot to the os, make a backup straight away. Then try reseating the failed disk to see if it will rebuild. If it fails again then it will need replacing.

  • if i bring online failed disk i will have chance to lose information on other live on ?

  • No that will stay offline and not be part of the array. If by chance the disk you bring online is good. Then the array will boot but will report as degraded as it has a missing member. If you want to 100% sure the other disk is left un-touched, un-seat it and disconnect it from the backplane.

  • Sorry missed a bit:

    This raid controller stores the raid info on the disks and in the nvram on the raid card. So 2 places for the info. If you un-seat a disk it will still have the info stored. So if the disk selected is the failed one. just turn the system off, plug it back in. Un-seat the failed disk and try booting up.

    I really like these lsi perc cards they are fairly forgiving. They support drive roaming so you could take 0 and put it in 3 and it will recognise that, adjust and carry on. plus other bits that us engineers can use to recover systems.

  • Thank you.One of the disks was dead.Forced online another one but  still no effect.After that dead disk turned in to the hot spare mode and alive one forced to go online. Everything is working thank you.

  • Once the rebuild has finished, i would run a consistancy check on the array and also run the diags utility and check the hard disks.