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Adding Global Hot Spare to Current Raid5 setup in T710

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I have a T710 setup with 4 SAS HDD's in a RAID5 configuration.  They occuppy slots 0,1,2 and 3.  I would like to add(introduce) another HDD as a global hot spare for this array.  I have added another identical HDD in slot 4.  How can I make this a global hot spare?  Can I do this through OSMA or do I have to due this in the BIOS?


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  • "Foreign Configuration Operations......" then Clear.

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  • It can be done in the BIOS (CTRL-R BIOS utility for the PERC controllers):  Highlight controller, F2, Assign Hot Spare.

    It can also be done from the dropdown menus in OMSA:  Storage, PERC, Virtual Disks or Storage, PERC, Backplane/Connector, Physical Disks.

  • Hello Flash - thank you for youe reply.  I went into the OSMA and the disc shows foreign - the only options from the drop down menu are blink and unblink.....I just want to be careful I do it right so as not to screw up the raid array.......

  • Any time a drive has a configuration on it from another controller/array, its configuration on the disk will be flagged as foreign and wait for you to do something with it.  Storage, PERC, Information/Configuration (link at top of the page), Foreign/Clear from the dropdown menu; you don't want to Import it.  Once cleared, then you can add it as a HS.

  • From within OSMA I select storage and then the information/configuration at the top, then I get a global proerties with the only selection on the drop down menu to set hot spare protection policy.....when i drill down to the newly inserted disk, the only choices I have are blink and unblink......

  • In OMSA, go to Storage, then PERC, then Information/Configuration ... you want the dropdown menu of available tasks for the controller itself.

  • Ok - followed that and the available choices on the dropdown menu for Controller Tasks are:

    Create Virtual Disk........

    Reset Configuration......

    Export Log........

    Set Patrol Read Mode.......

    Change Configuration Properties.......

    Foreign Configuration Operations......

  • "Foreign Configuration Operations......" then Clear.

  • Got it  - thank you for your patience :)