Replacement Harddisk 2950


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Replacement Harddisk 2950

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Dear All,

We have several 2950II with RAID 1 with two Hardisk Seagate ST3146755SS 147 GB . The problem is that harddrive is already discontinue .

Do you guys know, what is the replacement harddisk for ST3146755SS 147 GB ?

Secondly, If one harddisk failed , it is fine if we plug with bigger size harddisk ?

Thanks and Regards


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  • Your Seagate model reflects a 146 GB 15k 3.5 SAS drive.  When looking for a replacement, you would want a drive with matching specifications.  If you end up with a drive that isn’t 15k, it would cause the current drive to run slower to match the replacement drive.  As far as a larger drive Budiono, the drive will rebuild to the 146 GB needed to bring the array back to an optimal state and work just like you have expected.  The balance of the hard drive space will be available, it just wouldn’t be redundant space to use.  If using Windows, you would see the unallocated space made available from a larger drive once its rebuilt back into the array.

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